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Developing a writing Style

Authors have different writing styles and approaches to building their story lines. Some are very technical in their styles, other are more focused on flowing a single story line. I my case, I prefer to have multiple inter-dependent storylines that weave a complex approach asking the reader to guess what is coming and how the stories will come together (of if they will come together).

While many lives are simple and flow day-to-day in a consistent pattern with little interaction to the wider universe, I prefer to have my characters involved in love, intrigue, danger and unusual events. My character Nicky is an example. A normal Swiss Italian boy, going to school, spending weekends with his father who worries about his isolation from the other kids.

Throw in a unique event like exposing his Watcher characteristics, the death of his father in an attack by Chinese because an American team has tracked him down and now he has a different path is life. In turn, his life now interacts with many others and changes many of the variables of the story flow.

Some authors plan like a general going to war, to form a storyline. They graph it, they storyboard it, they define their characters; they almost write a book about each character; all before writing a work on a sheet of paper.

In my case, I spent years thinking about the story. I searched for a major event that I could form the story around, either true or theoretical. I had written some words, but they were not the key. The trigger event was a Science show that discussed how M Theory could have created the Big Bang.

My second problem was how to have races talk across the universe. In thinking about the fact that dimensions are many and while related, are at 90 degrees to each other; energy waves provide a mode of information transportation between those dimensions; the Watcher communications was born. By adding energy in a specific pattern across the multiple dimensions, there could be unique abilities to send and receive information by tapping into this pattern (a Watcher).

Third problem; while there could be communications, how could there be physical interactions. Many SciFi writers ignore Speed of light problems, create “worm holes”, or “Warp Transport”. In my case, I understood that if M theory (or in my case M+ Theory) works, then it would give us an understanding of the actual dimensions that define existance. If we could understand the dimensions, perhaps a technology could be devised that would allow for swapping of “Physical Space”, a term I eventually termed “Trans-Swap”.

Trans-Swap describes the transport form used to move across space in an instantaneous manner. The science is based on the re-definition of the dimensional values at a quantum foam level between the space that the object is going too and the place the object is currently at. The reason needed for the swap is centered on the fact that space cannot contain both objects and the space the object starts in, must be replaced or a void is formed and voids are not allowed. Therefore the technology forms a field in both locations that redefines the multiple dimensions (and thus the objects within the space) allowing everything to be swapped. While usable within an atmosphere, the technology is best used in space where particle density is lower.

But science and technology does not a story make; a story line was needed and while I knew a character (George) would have my traits, I needed something to make the story flow. It turned out what I really needed was a frame of mind to sit down and write. I needed to have the frame of mind that allowed me to ignore my daily life and allow a story to come out. The days leading up to my putting the story together, I thought about the fact I needed some type of super being. One that could do more than just receive and share in communications. That being eventually became Tony.

So my work days had slowed down as I waited for Government funding on my program and I was sitting at home taking vacation time when I decided I needed to move forward with the book. In a six hour session, the basic story of “Connections” was born. It turned out that Tony didn’t quite fit in the story line, but I was able to get the basic team in place that would allow Tony to happen in the next book.

I called on my history of people. I have known great people, I have worked on DARPA programs, I understand that artist (such as my daughters) contribute to understanding where scientist have trouble capturing the graphic understanding. I work with computers and understand how a team of developers can work. I understand that music is often a key when talking about communications. I needed all these to make the story work, because seldom does a single person understand and develop a unique technology.

But that was just the start. First I had to fill out the basic story lines; then I let my daughters give me feedback…and they literally tore it apart. But I have learned over the years to take criticism and use it to try and make things better (it’s not personal, it is a learning experience). So I created a new draft; and then another; and another; and another. Each getting better and closer to what was needed.

Eventually I decided to publish (a mistake). Because I wanted to spend a significant amount of money to publish, I chose not to have an editor (trusting that all the corrections from before had caught all mistakes, another mistake). But the book was released and I began to focus on book two.

A review came through slammed my vision and identified that the first book was not ready. By then I had released book two (Conversions) and was near completion of the third. I then I had a quandary. What should I do?

I decided it was time to redo my development process. When book three was “ready”, I decided to have a real editor review my books. I had worked with a screen play developer to create a screen play “Master Connections” where significant conversations were created. I was able to feed this new learning into a re-write of “Connections” and also make “Conversions” better. There were significant changes identified, both in form and structure, including inconsistencies which were identified across books. The transport term was identified as having to need to change (and thus the creation of the term Trans-Swap).

It was at this time, that I identified the ability to reduce costs and decided to terminate my work with Author House and switch to KDP and Create-Space. While I lost the Hardcover option, at least is significantly reduced costs both to me and to you.

With the creation of my historical fiction book "Da Vinci Connections" you will see many of the same techniques. You will find multiple complex story lines interwoven to come together for a final result. There is technology (the cryptx), but it is not what drives the story line, it is the people and their drive for love, survival and their reaction to intrigue.

As you may identify, this effort is not simple. But anything worthwhile should take thought and struggle.

I hope what has evolved is enjoyable and to your liking. Drop me a line and tell me what your think.

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