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How do I work full-time+ and write?

My life as a writer is only a small part of the time I have to spend in a day. At this time, I am 66.5 years old and dealing with paying off my kids student loans, helping my best friend make it through a time when she is suffering from a car accident and dealing with her young son that is type 1 diabetic. I am a type 2 diabetic, I give plattlets at Red Cross (something I wish more people could find time to do), and finally Chief Engineer for Military Systems and that is what currently pays my bills.

I am not laying these out for pity, but to show like everyone, life is full of challenges, pulling us in fifty different directions all at the same time. I am no differnt. One difference is that being isolated without a busy family life, I have time to focus when I can.

With all my many moving parts, I continue to let my imagination run free when I have a few free moments. These new images help to drive me forward with my writing. in sprints.

I have so many different thoughts going, I end up with multiple projects. At this time, I have my movie script for "Da Vinci Connections", my fourth in the series "Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link", a follow-on to the "Da Vinci Connections", an effort to change my screen play "Universe's Edge" to a book format.

I look for break-out points, those where an idea comes into foccus and time to get it into one of my projects as I find an open window. When I get to travel to a new place, I try to get some new ideas. My next trip to OMG at Orlando, Florida where I will be staying by Universal Studios.

I am trying to decide on necking down to help my focus. At the moment, with getting feedback from a movie producer, I am spending my time on the provided feedback.

In my mind, when I reach 70 (3.5 years away), I will move my technical background to a much smaller percent of my time. I will sell my condo to remove the monthly costs, pack up my car and spend time driving around the U.S. With more free time, I plan to attend book conferences and do talks on anything people will find interesting.

I just have to figure out how to put my life into a traveling van.

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