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On the Road Again...and Again...and Again...

I have been on the road lately and with kickoff of new work at the company I work for, it will become a lot more travel.

Around the middle of November 2016, I traveled to San Diego, CA while spending time with my son and daughter-in-law which was great since I see them only once or twice a year. They had a trip to New York, NY with her family for Macie’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, so I ended up house sitting and taking care of their 3 cats.

I spent Thanksgiving with the rest of my family (Mother, two sisters/brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews and my two daughters and son-in-laws). This is my time each year to be able to meet with them. It was a good time.

After thanksgiving and my son returned from their trip, I moved to Coronado (across the bay from San Diego) where I had a OMG (Object Management Group International Standards) meeting. Being Chair for the C4I Task Force, we kicked off work on a number of new software standards and I worked and presented at a Cybersecurity Work Shop I helped organize.

After a week in Coronado, I moved to live in my sister/brother-in-laws motorhome parked in their driveway. I stayed their because my youngest daughter was having my first grandchild. Because Lena (my new granddaughter) had a problem with a small left artery. I was at the hospital for her birth and spent the following week as she went through successful surgery at Rady’s Children’s Hospital (a great place with the very best care) and recovered. I was able to visit her in the ICU just before I returned home on Dec 31st.

Lena is a beautiful young girl and is doing great. She was released from ICU early because she is a fast healer. Mother and Dad are doing fine, just losing a lot of sleep J

Upon returning home, I returned to the office on Jan 2, 2018 where It was busy as our Army customer was coming to the office the following week for a kickoff meeting and a two day Architecture meeting of which I play a key role.

Meanwhile, my personal computer which I use for writing had been making noises since before November, so I took it in when I came back to have it checked out. Turned out a network cable internally had come lose, broke the fan and broke the motherboard. L So I have had to buy a new computer and rebuild my tools. (Partially done).

Now I have to travel to Austin, Texas to attend a briefing on their research work and how it may affect projects I am involved in for my company.

My son and daughter-in-law are expecting as well in early February 2017. They are having a son. So I will be returning to San Diego for the birth of my 2nd grandchild.

In late February, I have to travel to visit the Army for meetings. Then in I will be on a bi-weekly schedule of travel to work with the Army, OMG meetings, Delivering a paper in April……

But don’t work, I keep working on books.

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