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Next Phase in my Journey

I am closing in on a formal retirement date for the point when I will move from a full time Open Systems Military Architect to a part time position. This will be joined by a move from my current location in Fairfax, VA (outside Washington D.C.) to eventually move to Pflugerville, TX (outside Austin Texas) with a four month cross country travel in between leaving VA and settling in TX.

I will work part time on the road (supporting companies that still need my expertise) as I drive my SUV around the country to see major locations that I have flown over a thousand times in my 50 years of work for both the Army and the Navy.

I intend to visit family members along the way as well as continue my writing efforts. Currently I have one book ready (just waiting for art work), book four in the Watcher series is underway and I have some new exciting ideas I am writing. I am also pulling together ideas for a new Historical Fiction book which I am currently titling "The Templar Freemason".

At the end of journey, I will begin to also support teaching Systems Architecture (hopefully at University of Texas in Austin).

I also plan to begin a series of conversations with young engineers and science students to give them a feel for my journey and how their journey can support exciting travel, discovery both across our earth and across our Multiverse. This conversation will cover my work as a computer scientist, work in Oceanography, Bio Acoustics, Underwater Acoustics, Signal Processing, Radar, Genetics, Supercomputers, major Naval systems for Aircraft Carriers and other ships, UAV Ground Controls systems while also allowing me to study and understand Cosmology of our Universe and theories that cover multiverses.

I will blog along the way as I travel. So watch my site for new photos and blogs about my travels and writing starting in late September.

I will begin blogging before my trip in October to help you understand my journey of the past 50 years.

It all started when I was in college taking the mandatory 3 physic courses all engineers and physic students start with. In my third semester while studying light and electromagnetic waves, I decided I would rather be an OKAY Physics student than a GOOD Engineer...little did I know how they would come together.

After starting at San Diego State in early 1970, my studies in low energy Physics, I was introduced to discussions on Quantum Mechanics, Super Fluid Helium, Black Holes, Tensor Mathimatics. I was hooked for life.

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