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From Sci-Fi to Historical Fiction: My Journey Writing about Da Vinci

As a lover of both science fiction and historical fiction, I've always been fascinated by the intersection between imaginative futurism and dramatized history. A few years back, I had the chance to explore blending these two genres through my own creative writing. It started with a science fiction short story I had written about Leonardo da Vinci being contacted by an alien race, part of my larger “Watcher in the Fall” universe. While enjoyable to write, it left me wanting to dive deeper into da Vinci’s true historical experiences. Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code” ignited my curiosity, despite being a contemporary thriller. I began wondering - what would a story look like if it followed da Vinci himself, set in Renaissance Italy? I decided to transform my sci-fi short into a full historical fiction novel called Da Vinci Connections. Drawing inspiration from Brown’s book, I researched da Vinci’s actual life events, relationships, and inventions including actual travel to Milan, Italy to see some of Da Vinci’s work. My goal was to imagine his story from within its real historical context. Blending science fiction and history writing taught me a great deal. Sci-fi requires envisioning futuristic possibilities, while historical fiction demands accuracy to key historical facts. Despite their differences, I realized both utilize creativity to make the unfamiliar relatable. Through this fictionalized biopic of da Vinci, I experienced the thrill of bringing a story related to history to life by speculating on details. The project allowed me to appreciate da Vinci’s genius more deeply by contemplating his motivations and surroundings. Though filled with imagination, good historical fiction reveals imagined wider truths. My novel has been a journey that has been illuminating. Sci-fi will always be a love, but now I know the joys of reimagining the past. To fellow writers playing with genre, remember: human hopes and fears stay the same. The magic is making any era feel real. Keep dreaming!

As we bid adieu, let me extend my heartfelt thanks for embarking on this illuminating journey from science to historical fiction with me. Your presence and support bring the past to life through my content. Don't forget to tap that like button and gallop along into the universe of my YouTube channel at for never-ending adventure at the intersection of History and Historical Fiction. Be sure and visit my community often - there's always something fascinating to hear, see and explore. You will find quite a few intriguing artifacts at The Watcher in the Fall Community. I'm all ears and super curious about your thoughts. Drop a line or two, and let's turn this channel into a space where we dive into the depths of history through the power of imagination, together. I'm your trusty guide, Ron Townsen, navigating the halls of historical fiction. If you've had a blast and fancy buying me a virtual drink of coffee, head over to Ronald Townsen Presents | Patreon. It's like a cosmic tip jar for storytellers like me. As we gallop onwards through the universe of historical fiction, remember: our imaginations are the spur, and the past is not gone - it's just the beginning. Thank you for being a stellar part of this storytelling caravan. Stay curious, be awesome, and let your imagination continue to ride through the ages!


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