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From the Written Book to Add Sight and Sound.

Originally my work focused on developing stories and putting them into books. I still do that since it engages my mind to imagine a universe in which the story takes place. But recently I have expanded my realm to engage YouTube social media with videos for my family (those that follow me and my stories, like you, my readers, are part of my family).

I now have a YouTube channel in which I am beginning to release a variety of videos. Some are made from my books “Da Vinci Connections” and “Tales From Our Universe’s Edge” where each video captures one of the chapters of the book. In “Tales From Our Universe’s Edge” which has three stories in the book, each story is being released separately, chapter by chapter.

This is beyond just having fun. Some of my family cannot read books due to a variety of reasons (My grandfather was deaf but enjoyed visual information feeds and some of my elderly friends at the location where I live have bad eyesight and are not able to read books, but can listen and enjoy the tale being read to them).

In addition to just building stories, I am now creating videos that discuss how the stories came about. Currently I have the following Playlists which are being added too (not all chapters of all stories have been covered by videos at the moment):

a) DaVinci Connections Audio Series – where you find the chapters of the book in video form.

b) The Old Ones Audio Book – where you find the chapters of the story “The Old Ones” from the book “Tales from Our Universe’s Edge”

c) Warrior Gem Audio Book – where you find the chapters of the story “Warrior Gem” from the book “Tales from Our Universe’s Edge”

d) Universes Edge Audio Book – where you find the chapters of the story “Universes Edge” from the book “Tales from Our Universe’s Edge”

In addition, other playlists are being built for your interest and enjoyment:

e) Science to SciFi – where videos discuss key basic scientific theories of the 1900’s which led to the development of the book series “Watcher In The Fall” and the companion book “Tales From Our Universes Edge”.

f) Cinematic trailers for Historical & Science Fiction -- these are quick videos about books and movie scripts I have written.

g) Interviews – A interview with the Author (Me) and eventually other Authors which we invite to our YouTube site (If you are a SciFi or Historical Fiction author, please feel free to reach out and discover how you can share my YouTube site).

h) SciFi Short Stories – There are some short stories I have built and here we generate videos for them.

i) My Shorts – We capture key phrases and statements within the stories and give you a glimpse into these key moments.

j) Science Fiction to Historical Fiction – the steps that took me from my SciFi stories to generate a set of Historical Fiction stories about the Knights Templar, Leonardo da Vinci and the Freemasons who protect the blood line of Christ and Mary Magdalene.

We are adding to this site weekly and have other Playlists sitting and waiting to be uploaded:

Discover the Knights Templar – the various aspects of the famous Knights Templar organization from the 12th and 13th century who have had an impact on our modern society.

I hope you will visit and join our YouTube site. If you enjoy, please buy me a cup of coffee ( ) and drop a note to let me know what other video’s you might like to see.

Thank you,

Ron Townsen


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