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This book is a true Sci Fi book. It makes you think about what is to come. I can't wait for the next book.
Amazon Review


Characters came to life and the story is grand and awe inspiring.
Barnes & Noble Review
I'm a huge fan and read all your short stories and anything else of yours I can afford. My daughter and I both loved your work,she introduced me to you,per se.
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Now Available on Audio in the Author's Own Voice!

When an ancient race living on the edge of the universe energizes a unique pattern using the advanced math of M+ Theory, communications is activated across the universe in Realtime.

These are three tales dealing with civilizations in galaxies that existed in this space at the edge.  The tales give history of events in our universe and are part of the story  as captured in the ongoing tales of "Watcher in the Fall"

IMG_6954-removebg-preview.png  Image of book Tales From our Universes Edge.  Three stories about escaping from galaxies on the edge of our universe being destroyed by merger with another universe Big Bang.
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