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Find Out More about my life
As a
Military Combat Systems Architect

I now provide a growing series of Sci-Fi Intrigue books and Historical Fiction books along with a growing list of audiobooks, short stories, screen plays and photography and now jewelry from around the world.  My writings deal with an exciting multiverse predicted by String Theory.  


Trained in nuclear physics, I continue to spend my life working in military systems and computers while maintaining my interest in oceanography, nuclear and particle physics along with Cosmology as a hobby.  Over my life I continue to enjoy reading Science and Sci-Fi along with dreaming and discussing concepts of Black Holes, Neutron stars, star factories, the edge of the visible universe or how many dimensions are really in our universe. 

This ongoing series of stories draws from the breadth of the intriguing ideas presented in a growing body of military and scientific ideas and concepts.  From a story about first contact to colliding universes, destruction of galaxies, to back street spies, gun battles, ships dying in combat to transports jumping across the universe through dimensional shifts; stories take the reader on a ride resulting in reactions of some people to ask if it could actually be happening in their lives now. 

Having worked on studies from the depths of the oceans to scientific platforms in space, from major weapon systems to sophisticated communications concepts, from advanced supercomputers to highly developed signal processing algorithms implemented in micro computer code, my life has covered a unique spectrum of science and engineering.  Along with my life knowledge, calling upon my years of field experience blended with the study of advanced physics I have been able pulled together an ongoing tale covering the spectrum of the wonders and dangers of the universe along with the human experience; a tale which will take the rest of my life to tell.

From my years of traveling the world from Japan to Europe, from Singapore to working ships in the center of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from a life in San Diego, CA to years of living and working in the Washington D.C. area and now living in Texas.  The story line is designed to take the user around the world and across a universe of planets and galaxies as the stories of aliens and humans alike evolve in unique ways. From artists to warriors, from an alien farmer to senior engineers; from deadly spies to a boy who definitely is not what he appears to be from the outside; races of aliens that destroy worlds to others that build worlds along with structures that encapsulates stars.

I write these stories as an offer providing my readers a chance to imagine, to ask the questions of “What If” to think about who we are in this wondrous universe; question what they think they know as a fact; and to examine the subject of “Are we alone?”.  
I hope you enjoy.

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