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A New Heavenly Body

copyright 2010 TooBooks, all rights reserved.

It would be his first major decision with little time to make it. If he made the wrong
choice, a race could be destroyed.

He must organize the teams properly or people would die. Time was short and events
moved at a hectic pace.

This happened to be his first leadership position. He had recently worked his second
training rotation on a transport ship under his older sibling’s command. Being the last member
of the Old Ones race grown from one of the one hundred and forty five seed pod of the historic
ancient Yattle; like his brothers, much was expected and especially in his case, the Master
Pattern predicted possible significant things in his future.

Given the projected future according to the computations of the Master Plan, his genetic
pattern design had been modified to be relatively humanoid looking. Sxxty appeared next in
order for a management position on this task and fit well given the humanoid design of the
Txxan race. While a young race, the Old Ones had interacted with them over a number of
generations. Contact existed since some of the Old Ones early attempts to contact civilizations
before learning their lessons on when to best approach a new race. Luckily with the Txxan’s,
their interactions did not result in turning the race in a bad direction as had happened in other
early events.

This first leadership rotation dealt with saving the Txxan’s from the transition of their old
yellow star to a red star. Anything going wrong and some or this entire race would be lost. The
Old One’s sensors had detected the signs of star transition later in the process than normal, much
later. The signs of a star’s transition were well understood, but like a life form, each star had its
own unique timing. Variability had to be accounted for in the organization and planning and the
responsibility to account for the unexpected timing shifts fell to the team leader, Sxxty. In this
case, because the signs came very late in the star’s transition process, it left only weeks to
completely evacuate the planet and save the race. Sxxty found himself working against time;
time had a massive head start and at the moment, time appeared to be wining.

A key part of the planning of a shift in a race’s location included the identification of a
new home planet. Terraforming of an existing planet must take place, a planet matching their
needs needed to be located or a new planet had to be created. The Master Pattern computations
started as soon as the need for relocation had been identified. The answer returned from the
massive computations subsuming all the major computer power of the Old Ones. The call
appeared close. Fifty two percent chance identified the best decision focused on creation of a
new planet in a star system twenty stars away; fourth eight percent chance pointed to the correct
decision being to execute terraforming an existing planet five stars away; no planet within the
galaxy currently met their needs at this time.

Sxxty's as leader needed to make the decision. Since this happened to be his first
leadership position, many around the Old One’s community watched to see which decision he made and how he made this key decision. He needed to make the call now, no time to wait; the star transition schedule insured he couldn’t wait.

Creation of a new planet would take additional time, but terraforming an existing planet
had a number of studies required to take place. Does the existing planet have any life forms that
might be now or in the future, in the process of evolution resulting in an intelligent race? Is the
star going to stay stable long enough to make a difference? Are there effects existing on the
planet creating a danger to the race to be transported (gravity, chemical processes…)? Why was
the calculation from the Master Plan negative against Terraforming that particular planet?

The lead ship appeared around the doomed planet. Sxxty prepared to transport from the
lead ship to the surface to talk with the leaders. It would take over hundred and fifty of the Old
One’s massive transport ships to move the population and the key articles that needed to be
protected. In addition to the population, plant life and other animal life needed to be transported
to insure population continuation. A large part would be done through DNA sampling and
reconstitution, but not all would be handled through the sampling to insure the proper food chain
be maintained.

Sxxty began the process to transfer to the planet’s surface to meet with the leaders, his
mind raced through the information available and he made the call through the galaxy
communication system connected to his mind. He had already completed the negotiations to
collect the necessary fleet of ships required for transport. In the short period of time since being
assigned the task, Sxxty laid out the expected schedule for transport and robot assignments
needed to complete the loading of the transport ships accounting for the star transition

“Txary, as you are my lead to prepare the planet for reception; I have decided my call is
create the new planet in star system MCT. Too many unknown factors are found in the
computations given the time frame available to attempt the terraforming of MCQ. Our latest
survey showed a few small life forms and given the computation from the Master Plan we need
to look elsewhere.”

“Sxxy, are you sure? It will take extra time and resources.”

“Txary, pull what you need from the grooming effort in system MDY to start the work
immediately. We will move the population at slow speed to give you time. Just remember, the
longer it takes to prepare the planet, the more ship resources we will need to be pulled on to
support the process of preparing the food chain. Our ship resources are limited given the
expected star change at NNV beginning to be staffed. It comes down to getting the planet ready
at maximum rate to support all the necessary shifts we need to account for within our galaxy

“We have a fair amount of work to prepare the population with the necessary genetic
changes to allow them to interact moving forward. This will also take time and we need to do
this during transit.”

“I understand Sxxty. I am directing engineering resources now and will begin the
process as soon as they arrive. I should have a time table laid out for you once I can talk with
the engineering team lead.”

“Thank you Txary. I will contact you once transport is organized and underway, keep me
updated of any difficulties.”

In the blink of an eye, Sxxty appeared outside the large structure in the main city where a
meeting of the leaders from around the planet had been called. Sxxty headed for the front door
entrance; sounds of yelling caught his attention. Sxxty looked off to the right and spotted an
open field with a number of young children playing. One small boy sat on the ground away from
the others watching. Sxxty had been given little interaction with other races in his early years of
training, and the image captured his imagination. Given time, he would like to explore this
further, but now he had more immediate actions.

Sxxty entered the chamber; the forty three gathered leaders of the Txxan turned as one to
acknowledge the entry of this great alien being. The Old Ones had visited the Txxan world over
the past generations, but the meetings occurred few and far between. Normally just a short stop
over to make sure the young race progressed well. This meeting was of a much more sober

Sxxty began, “We have provided the available data. Your sun will transition within
weeks. With its transition, this planet will no longer be habitable. My name is Sxxty and I
have come to lead the effort to relocate your race from this planet.”

One of the older men stepped forward. “We thank you for your help. We have seen the
data provided in the warning transmission. We have no choice but to leave. Can you tell us
what the plan is?”

Sxxty was short but concise. “We are beginning an effort to create a new world for your
people. This will take some time, but until it is ready, you will be relocated to our transport fleet.
During the period of transport, because of the danger of biological contamination, we will render
you safe to interact with other out worlder’s. In addition, we will be transporting parts of your
resources and food chain. Those transport ships will support the process of expanding the key
factors when installed on the new world. We will work hard to keep your food chain intact
allowing you to grow and expand.”

“When does the process begin?” The apparent main leader spoke as the leaders glanced
at each other.

Sxxty simply commented “It has already begun. I need you to return to your homes and
inform your people to gather all their families and precious items to be ready for transport as
soon as possible.

“I will need you to help us identify collections of information needing to be transported.
Robots will appear where there is a person signaling through simple arm waving. You can
provide information about what needs to be transported to the robot and they will insure all
people and their belongings will be transported.

“Please go now and please hurry, time is critical.”

The leaders quickly left to begin working with their people. Sxxty received word ships
were beginning to appear in orbit around the planet. The massive effort had started.
Robots had already begun to appear on the planet surface with programmed instructions
for sampling DNA of every plant, insect, animal, fish, virus, germ on the planet. People on the
planet began to see swarms of robots everywhere, busy doing data collection.
As Sxxty left the hall, he walked over to field where the boys were playing and sat down
next to the young boy watching the others play. As the small boy became aware of the tall
strange alien sitting next to him, he smiled. He had been taught in school about this ancient race
and he had often imagined meeting one of the amazing beings.

Sxxty began the conversation in his sing/song voice speaking Txxan. “Hello, my name is
Sxxty. What are those others doing?”

The young boy look at the tall alien, “They are playing ynott. Haven’t you played the
game before?”

“No, I have never played games. What is your name?”

“I am Tia.”

“Why are you alone? Can’t you play with them?”

With a sad look on his face, Tia responded. “I’m not very good. I tend to play alone.”

The answer seemed to trigger something in this great alien. “Can you show me your

The simple question excited the young Tia. This great alien wanted to be with him.

“Sure, come on.” Tia rose and headed off the field quickly turning towards the nearby coast.
They walked observing swarms of differently designed robots traveling everywhere sampling the

The two talked about the young boy’s life and why the robots had appeared. The seven
foot alien and the four foot young Tia walked down the sand towards a small home sitting away
from other homes but just off the black sandy beach. The two new friends approached the house.
Tia stopped to show Sxxty his small ynott area where he liked to play alone. He began to show
the Old One the simple rules of the game every child on the planet knew by heart.

After a short time, a message came across Sxxty’s communications the planetary
engineering team had formed up at MCT and the initial deployment had gotten underway. The
communication ended, another came indicating the need for Sxxty on the lead ship to review the
next planed steps.

Sxxty turned to his now young friend “Tia, I am sorry, but I need to leave you. I am
being called away on some business. You need to go home and pack all your personal things.
You and your family must leave this planet soon. I will see you later, I promise my young

Tia didn’t understand, but as indicated, he turned to return to his house where he saw his
mother and father outside stacking boxes. Tia stopped and looked back after a few steps, Sxxty
had disappeared, having transported back to the ship.

The Old One’s ships were massive rectangular blocks connected as if a young child
simply stacked them. Each block structure covered over a mile on a side and each ship contained
thousands of blocks. The ship design could not be called sleek; designed for space and massive
transport work it would not support movement in an atmosphere.

Sxxty returned to the ship indicating to the computers he wanted to make sure Tia and his
family would be located on his ship. For some reason he could not explain, this young simple
boy had formed a bond important to him. He had grown up with no contact with other less
advanced races. Interacting with this young boy seemed to create a connection he had never felt

Soon after he returned, Sxxty observed planning for environmental capture uplift had
reached a point in the plan, now ready to be executed. After reviewing the details, Sxxty gave
his go ahead and the robots began the next step in the process.

For identified sections of the planet where no Txxan existed, the robots planted strings of
special units matching the inner dimensions of special ship sections. Once the units were
positioned, the computers registered the key volume mapping from hundreds of feet deep into
the ground and hundreds of feet into the atmosphere. Each section transported covered a mile on
a side, designed to fit the special ship sections. The complete volume transported into the
designated ship compartments using the connections between the special units. Life forms
living within the volume, transported to the designated ship compartment providing a complete
Txxan environment for transport.

Once the transport completed, the computers began the process of recycling the
atmosphere and where necessary, water volumes to insure the proper mixing continued to take
place. The computers had already analyzed the environment for key information about expected
moisture content and star radiation levels. The computers managed the environment to insure
consistency from their previous location on the planet.

This process repeated for well over a thousand sections of the planet. Some sections
contained coastal environments including fish and other water base life. With each transport
taking place, robots rushed to reposition the special transport units to capture the next indicated
planet volume.

The lift rushed in full swing as ships continued to arrive in orbit. Computer controlled
robots transported to the surface immediately on arrival to attach transport dots to Txxan’s and
their possessions ready to leave. Other robots rushed to set up transport stations to move large
storages of historic information to maintain the Txxan’s history. In addition, thousands of robots
scoured the planet looking for any uniquely unidentified DNA not being transported. The dance
looked random, but the coordination complexly resulted in maximum efficiency.

Computers continued to monitor the star through positioned sensor systems as the
transports continued loading. Indications began to arrive fast and furious indicating the star
appeared to be nearing its transition phase soon. The pressure to complete transport and leave
the system continued to rise as increasing solar storms raised the outward flow of radiation from
the star. Increasingly the Old Ones ships in orbit had to adjust to the increasing radiation and
pressure effects on their massive ships. The work load increased to add protection to the planet
and continue to support the population not yet transported.

Many stars away, the work to create a new planet already started. The first step needed
to pull a moon away from an outlying planet and move it into the proper orbit around the star.
The moon consisted of little more than an early collection of debris formed from the creation of
the large gas planet. The moon had no atmosphere and as such provided a perfect starting point
as it had a large constituent of iron. The robots positioned around the moon to create a field for
transporting it across the spacial domain of the star system into a designated location. Once it
arrived, robots began to push the moon to give it the correct angular motion insuring it gained the
proper orbital position around the star.

Once in place, robots began the process of collecting and directing asteroids and comets
within the star system to the new planet location. The massive amounts of impacts and the
planed order allowed the mass of the planet to rapidly grow. With the precise angling of the
incoming matter, rotation formed creating the needed planetary rotation. The impacts allowed
for creation of a massive magnetic field through the impact energy effect on the iron core. The
magnetic field combined with heating being focused through created density field lenses to
collect the stars energy to heat the inner core of the newly forming planet.

After the eighth planet rotation since Sxxty arrived, the last remaining Txxan with their
personal belongings had been transported to the Old One’s ships from the planet’s surface. The
work had been going on non-stop since it started. The robots continued the process of gathering
DNA and identifying for transport large chunks of planetary environments to the special
environmental transport ships.

Many of the transport ships carrying the population had departed the system once filled.
Sxxty’s ship as central coordinator maintained station overseeing the remaining data collection
and environmental transport decisions. The computers continued to monitor the star’s now
continuing transition when subspace messages from robots positioned near the star indicated the
rapid expansion had begun.

The command quickly went out to the remaining ships in orbit to leave the star system
immediately. Ships began to jump out of the system leaving thousands of robots on the planet’s
surface sacrificed in favor of the precious cargo. Sxxty’s command ship became the last to
make the jump as the multidimensional effects of the star explosion began to impact the space
around the planet ahead of the actual arrival of matter from the star. The timing of the jump
happened closer than normally desired, but allowed the last ship to escape just before the
destruction of the planet began.

The ships jumped to a location over twice the radius of the planetary system to avoid the
multidimensional effect of the star’s transition. The Txxan’s across the transport fleet looked on
the ship’s monitors observing the visual information being broadcast by the remaining robots
showed the massive destruction of their planet.

The Atmosphere ripped away as radiation flooded the planet surface boiling and charring
the surface of the planet in a rapid process of destruction.

Over the following time period, massive chunks of the expanding star crashed into the
planet converting the surface to a molten heated environment deadly to any living life form.
The planet’s ring system had been ripped away and large parts of the planet hurdled into
space as sections of the dying star slammed into the planet. In a final stage of death, the star
swelled engulfing the inner planets of the system and finally the Txxan’s planet disappeared into
the massive new red star.

It was over. The planet no longer existed.

The Old One’s ships began a slow sub light speed transit towards the Txxan’s new home.

Life could now settle down onboard the massive fleet of ships. Sxxty finally found some
relaxation time now with the fleet in transit and the planetary engineering teams well under way
in their execution. He checked the computers locating the compartment where Tia’s family had
been relocated too and decided to visit his small friend.

After an inter-ship jump, Sxxty exited the transport room of the large designated section
of the ship. He emerged through a door to a high balcony where he could see below the maze of
allocated living and community spaces with the hallways connecting. People spread throughout
the large area as maintenance chores for normal living needed to be done. The population settled
into the routine be it eating, sleeping, cleaning or in the case of the children, finding a place and
friends to play with. People moved across the floor of the section while the computer controlled
robots moved in the air creating clouds and breezes above giving the people a feeling of being

Sxxty transported to the floor of the massive space and maneuvered through the maze of
passage ways until he reached the designated living quarters of Tia and his family. He quickly
located Tia sitting on the ground watching some boys kicking the ynott ball around since no hole
was able to be dug into the metal floor.

Tia turned around, his small face brightened as he noticed the giant Sxxty approach.
“Hi Sxxty, I never expected to meet with you again.”

“My young friend, I am sorry. I have been busy with making sure you and your family
are safe. In addition, I had to make sure your new home would be ready for your arrival.”
The small Tia looked up at the tall alien. “How long will we need to be onboard the ship

“Much needs to be done, the new home planet is under construction and all of you need
to be made ready to begin to interact with others from around the galaxy. I am sorry, but it will
take some time.”

As the two continued to talk, Sxxty continued the process of understanding the mind of a
different culture. The emotions and empathy needed to interact with small Tia taught him
something he had never before learned. Something in him knew instinctively this connection
provided important training for being a friend and for his future. He didn’t know why and he
didn’t know how, but his instincts had not failed him before.

With a molten core of the newly forming target planet, the mass of the planet approached
its intended state. The computers measured the mass rising and the process began to shift. An
atmosphere had begun to form with the growth of the mass as water vapor was boiled off along
with many other gasses but held to the new planet with the mass’s gravitational field. The water
vapor had key combinations of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

The shift in work began as robots started transporting and attaching massive energy
extraction units to cool the outer crust of the newly formed planet without transferring the heat
and energy to the forming atmosphere. The energy need to be moved off planet since leaving it
in the atmosphere would take longer to allow the planet to cool delaying habitation. The massive
units extracted energy from the planet’s surface and the energy transferred to ship storage units
would be used for other operations.

The molten shell around the new planet began to rapidly cool forming the mantel of the
new planet over days of planetary rotation given the Old Ones unique energy transfer units.
Computers continuously probed the depth of the cooling mantel until the stabilized surface met
the planed expectations.

The cooling systems turned their attention to the atmosphere to draw heat and at the same
time, convert the chemical constituents to the needed oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide mix.
With the reduction in temperatures at the surface boundary, winds began to churn the

The internal rotation of the iron core of the newly formed planet had extended the planets
magnetic field and had already started diversion of the ionization flows from the star. With the
reduction in the ion flows and the changing chemical nature of the atmosphere, temperatures
planet wide began to stabilize and with the reduction in temperature, massive rains began to fall.
The rains began to flood large portions of the planet and form oceans.

The robots under the Old Ones engineering ships control, continued to bombard the
planet with large comets specifically selected from the star’s orts cloud adding massive amounts
of water to the new planet. The planet continued to cool as the massive oceans rose quickly over
the planet surface. Once the computers decided that the water levels were sufficient, the
engineering robots turned their attention to newly arriving environment specifications from the
data collected from the original home planet of the Txxan’s.

Key features the original home planet maintained and considered important, needed to be
replicated. The most unique key feature of the original home planet maintained a series of
debris rings around the planet. These were easy to establish but required a number of small
moons be positioned to set up the proper interference wave patterns maintaining the rings and
keeping the debris in a stable orbit. The robots selected asteroids for moons from the star’s
asteroid belt field. Since the moons needed were small, they didn’t require the molten core or
atmosphere making their formulation relatively simple.

The computers and their commanded robots worked fast and furious to model the
established design and project into the future. As flaws were found in the planning, adjustments
were computed and engineering robots were tasked to implement the minor adjustments.
The planet surface had begun to stabilize with a thirty percent land mass to water ratio,
close to the original home planet specifications. The computers made sure the rotation rate to
planetary orbit matched the original home world of the Txxan population so adjustments would
be easier. Weather patterns formed and computer models made land mass adjustments to help
settle the patterns to insure a proper living environments.

Computations on the effects of the repositioning of the mass around the star system had
been underway since early in the planning stages and the resulting effects on the star’s “ort
cloud” of comets in addition to internal asteroid changes had been accounted for. Those most
affected had been used in construction to insure that their orbital shifts would not result in
negative effects on the new population over time.

Computers had computed the needed weather effects within the atmosphere of the newly
formed planet. It would take a single rotation around the star to achieve final stabilization. It
had taken less than one third of the new planet’s orbit to reach the planned stabilization point.
For the remaining part of the orbit around the star, the robots would monitor for any dangerous
venting of gases altering either the atmosphere or new oceans. Meanwhile robots adjusted the
salinity of the newly formed oceans, as like the atmosphere, their content stabilized and massive
currents began their flows.

The transport ships continued their slow transit to the new star while robots were visiting
each compartment insuring every Txxan was given special DNA adjustments. The adjustment
occurred as a specially created patch allowing a specially designed enzyme to penetrate the skin
and reach the internal organs. Once there, as new cells created, the DNA in key sequences began
being altered allowing the body to develop a major defense against external organisms and
viruses. The alteration would take over thirty sleep cycles to be fully implemented.

Thirty sleep cycles later, the robots reappeared to examine each person to insure the
alteration had been successful. Those where the alterations had not completely taken hold were
taken to a special examination room to understand the failure. Adjustments would then be made
to account for their specific unique DNA and after the second round; one hundred percent of the
population now were prepared and ready for interaction with others around the galaxy.

After a single complete orbit around the star completed, the new planet went through an
engineering evaluation. The results considered computer models against future multi-body
studies on the star’s planetary system and orts cloud.

After all analysis and projections completed, the new planet could be declared stable and
the final phase of work began. The special environment ships carrying sections of the original
planet jumped from the slowly moving fleet to the new planet ahead of the population.

The computers analyzed each section and its needed environment, the contents were
transported to the new planet and “planted”. Each new section installed on the planet surface
included force fields built around the new area to insure for the moment, nothing could migrate.
Robots began to constantly monitor the newly installed sections looking for any change in life
which could project a problem.

The planting operation took most of fourteen planet rotations, but finally the last section
had been planted. With any noted change in life, be it unexpected death of a plant or faster than
expected growth, the computers analyzed all environmental factors which might be contributing
and decided if a problem existed. The process continued for another planetary orbit around the
new planet’s star.

Given the DNA of species deemed lost from the original planet, the computers began the
process of growing new life from the collected DNA sequences. Plants were grown based on
foundation seeds with modified DNA. Virus through small animal life forms required more
complex formation processes based on a key designed fluid based container. Larger life forms
had been captured with the sections transported and did not require DNA growth.
Once the grown species reached a predetermined level, the new life would be transported
to the planet surface. The new life would be released on the planet to the environment deemed
best suited to their life growth. Slowly life grew both from that transported and that grown from
the identified DNA. The life grew and spread within the confined spaces on the new planet as
the planet’s orbit continued. This process of growth and spreading would continue over many
planetary orbits; well after the Txxan population has been re-established, constantly monitored
by the Old Ones.

At the end of the second planetary orbit, the force fields were removed and all life
became free to travel at will across the planet surface. Large and small, winged creatures and
those from the water domains began to spread out across the planet. Robots continued to
monitor to insure maximum safety as possible across the planet.

There were large sections of the planets dry surface still not covered by the transplanted
sections. These would evolve over time, but until such time were being tended by robots. The
robots worked to grind the surface and intermix it with nutrients to eventually create growing
plots of fertile areas for the population.

After the end of the third planetary orbit, finally the planet had been prepared for the
Txxan population. The transition from ships to planet began as first, structures needed to be
built to house the new population. It was an exciting time as the designs that the Txxan’s had
created during transit were provided to the robots and cities with new homes began to appear in
designated locations on the new planet surface. The final gradual move allowed the Txxan’s
time to become accustom to their new planet.

Tia strolled down the beach barefoot with his toes wiggling in the sand while marveling
at the sights and feel of finally being back on a planet surface and out of the sterile ship
environment. After climbing over a small mound of rocks, Sxxty appeared on the beach in front
of him.

Tia ran to hug his friend. They had met and talked many times during the three year
transit. Sxxty no longer appeared as this tall alien to Tia, but rather like an older brother and his
best friend, someone he could talk with and someone who would listen to him.
They walked over to a rock by the beach and Tia climbed up on the rock as Sxxty asked
him to sit down so they could talk.

“Tia, my work here has come to an end. It’s time for me to move on to another

Tia’s face turned to a frown at the thought of losing his best friend. “When will you

“It may be a while, but I am leaving you in good hands. My friend Xtesll is leader of the
ship working with your planet to make sure all is ok. I have asked he keep an eye on you to
insure everything is good. I want you to try to make new friends and work hard to learn while I
am away.”

With tears welling up in his eyes, Tia looked up at his friend and with a nod of his head
“Yes, I will try. I will miss you. I will do my best.”

“I know you will. I will stay in touch and perhaps someday we can again travel the stars

After a hug for the young Txxan, Sxxty stepped back and in a blink, vanished.
Each heavenly body has a wave pattern, a combination of billions of smaller waves. The
wave function is immensely complex and ever changing; but like each life in the universe, it has
its own unique pattern. Each leaf, each molecule, each atom maintained both an effect on the
planet and was effected by the wave pattern of the planet. It is the massive changing interactions
of the wave patterns that control the path of evolution, be it a life form, a planet, a star or a

The pattern of the newly built planet contained a unique effect on one of the new life
forms now calling it home. The effect would take time to alter this creature called Tia, but the
alteration once started formed a chain of events hinted at in the ancient races’ Master Plan math.
It was the reason that their computations favored building this new planet, but the effect was
deeply hidden, massively obscured and evaded their advanced understanding.
With the successful completion of his critical transport job, Sxxty had been transferred to
his new position leading the advancing Watcher Communications team. His new position placed
him on a special advanced research shell platform, encompassing a star on the outer edges of the
Sxvy galaxy.

The Old Ones maintained ships at new Txxia on station watching over the new planet and
as promised, Xtesll kept a special eye on the good friend of Sxxty.

Good to his word, Sxxty continued to be in touch with the remaining transfer team and
continued to inquire about his small friend Tia. The contact intensified when Xtesll identified
the rare Watcher Pattern began evolving in the young Txxan Tia.


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