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During the late 15th century, a secret war plagued the cities of Italy.  The Sicilian Mafia had been born and was evolving; rumors of the famous Templar treasures scattered the countryside. In a time of turmoil, one of the greatest men of history arose: Leonardo da Vinci. Protecting Freemason secrets, he planned a defense against a dangerous double headed snake and created the most advanced military designs of an era. In this fast-paced historical fiction, the drama unfolds: Love, loyalty, death, and intrigue arise, bringing new life to long forgotten secrets of the past.  Author Ron Townsen.  Narrated by Trisnoh.
Tales from our Universe’s Edge presents three stories connected to the ongoing SciFi series "Watcher in the Fall".  Each story covers beings whom encounter challenges and survive against significant odds.  Divergent civilizations tied together by the basic science of our Universe.  Each finding a path for their few survivors driving them deeper into our universe as they escape a destruction beyond their ability to stop.  Find the thread that connects them and gives hope to their shattered dreams.   The Old Ones, a tale of lineage that crowns an ancient race and its wondrous discoveries.  Warrior Gem, a warrior whose unique makeup allows her to discover her place in the universe.  Universe’s Edge, where two lovers plan for their future, finding they must fight to survive for their dream to come true.  (Also available as an Audiobook: Narrated by the Author).

Tales From Our Universe's Edge


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Rediscover the flavors of history with this grimoire gathering lost baking secrets spanning the medieval crusades of the warrior Knights Templar order. Over 65 adapted recipes let home cooks recreate rich breads, sweet confections, and savory pies using ingredients accessible today to recapture 13th century tastes.

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This historically researched cookbook covers multiple times in the Knights Templar History (1100AD, 1200AD, 1300AD) along with multiple key locations and multiple key celebrations.  Giving key meals with recipes and cooking instructions to recapture the tastes absorbed by the Knights and their company.  This book is over 500 pages of history and tastes.


This sixth volume in the "A Cookbook for the Ages" series is a culinary exploration like no other, tracing the rich tapestry of cultural influences that have shaped Spanish and Mexican cooking over the centuries. From the spice-laden recipes of al-Andalus to the New World fusion of Spanish and Indigenous ingredients, this book unravels the stories behind iconic dishes like adafina stew, gazpacho, mole poblano, and fajitas.

With over 100 authentic recipes, detailed historical context, and stunning culinary photography, you'll be transported through the evolutionary journey that took simple peasant cuisine and transformed it into one of the world's most celebrated and diverse food traditions.

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