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In The Beginning: Sharmila 

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The fundamental math equations had been known and studied by this most ancient race for centuries.  The equations formed the very foundation of the Old Ones most advanced technology and beliefs.  The patterns of energy flow defining the dimensions of life were concepts established and ingrained in their basic science.  The math connected with their ability to generate predictions of the “Master Pattern”, driving and defining the focus of their future.


With the discovery of the unique “Watcher” wave pattern on a far away star system in their galaxy, a team of lead scientists within the Old Ones had been trying to duplicate the unique connection of complex energy patterns.  At the same time, significant calculations on the Master Pattern showed the significant trend into the future that this discovery would have on their civilization. Their galaxy was positioned on the very edge of the universe and had existed for billions of years, having been born a billion years after the creation of the universe in the great event.


The Old Ones lived in one of the earliest proto galaxies.  They had moved the base of this old civilization many times as stars had faded and transitioned.  They no longer moved their operations, they now had the ability to restructure planets and enclose stars to gather its energy output.


The work was closing in on the ability to manipulate the very energy of the stars, black holes and dark energy that provided life to the galaxy, all to their needs and benefit.  


This ancient race had evolved from a carnivorous plant which had developed the ability to crawl and move to new feeding grounds over three billion years before.  Over time, their civilization had developed the ability to manipulate genetic material, extend their lives and transit between the stars of the galaxy.  Combined with their work helping civilizations around the galaxy, they commonly modified their look to best ease their introduction to a new race.


But even with this great knowledge, there was more to learn.


There was always more to learn. This ancient race had long been able to instantly communicate throughout the galaxy using signals transmitted on one of the higher dimensional planes that was independent of basic location.  While this subspace communication required a few powered repeaters positioned around the galaxy to overcome quantum entanglement effects, it allowed them to place great knowledge storage locations on otherwise dead planets.


This advanced race known as the Old Ones had discovered in the past, the basic ability to reposition matter instantly by the creation and modification of basic quantum level fields.  Their technology allowed tuning the vibrations of the basic four dimensions (time, height, length and distance) through understanding of the great equations that hinted at a much larger multiverse.  With their advanced abilities to gather and manipulate vast amounts of energy, their technology allowed them to extract and inject energy in controlled conditions providing them the ability to instantly move large ships across the galaxy.


Their current work focus had been long and hard as the collective minds of the mathematicians had probed the very nature of the foundation equations.  After observing the unique creature that had been labeled the “Watcher” by his society, a growing idea had excited the research team.  Not only the science research team, but in fact, the whole race with the very concept that perhaps signals, images and thoughts could be sent and received across the universe using this unique connection pattern.


The pattern connection involved a previously unknown energy flow pattern that branched between normal dimensions of location and time with a set of cross dimensions that allowed for instant access to anywhere in the universe.  


The math showed a powerful connection pattern between the very structure of the life form which they had discovered on the planet and the fundamental pattern deep in the foundation of the universe where the energy fields created existence.  The quantum pattern was connected to the very mind of the “Watcher”.


The “Watcher” looked normal in every way, except for its social patterns.  The “Watcher” was a lonely being that had trouble integrating in normal society.  This being was intelligent and was fascinated with the patterns of life, society and the stars.


While many Old One’s minds had pulled together to understand this inter-dimensional “Watcher” pattern, only three Old Ones were physically present when the field pattern generator they were working on was completed.  If this experiment worked, a much larger experiment would be undertaken, one that would require the capture of the energy of a complete star to provide for all the basic support systems they would need to collect and monitor the grander experiment.  They expected to have the ability to replicate the connections, allowing them to energize this newly discovered unique and basic pattern of the universe.    


The “Watcher” being that had first triggered this leap of technology was located on a planet around a star over two hundred light years away.  A large distance to be sure, but for a race such as the Old Ones, a short trip of only hours.  Part of their team with their mental capability to communicate instantly within the galaxy, was positioned on the planet to announce the results. Three Old Ones, Styve, Uvan and Mext were finishing their final review in the experimental lab as Uvan mentally issued the last commands to the computer connecting the power generator with the “Watcher” field generator.  Uvan had already connected the image transmitter so the experimental unit was complete and ready for its first trial.  


The power generator was capable of moving a large asteroid two light years in distance or evaporate a small ocean, but for this work, would only be able to energize the pattern for a few tens of seconds.  If it worked, that would be enough.  


In that short period of time, the team had key signals and images that they had ready to transmit to see if the communications would really work. As the three scientists passed the word to the team on the far away planet, the final command was issued to the computer. 



| | |



Sharmila was returning to her village after drawing water from the nearby stream.   She had reached the age of 14 cycles and based on tradition and the family of her birth, was promised to the raja’s in marriage on her next birthday.  She would be going through the traditional ceremony in a week. The women of the village had already begun the process of preparing the traditional dress, a sari of great beauty to match the beauty of this young Indian girl.


Her hair was long as was the tradition.  Her father had died in a hunt and her mother had died in a fire while cooking soon thereafter, some said by grief driving her own hand due to the loss of her mate.  Sharmila lived in the small hut that her father had built as the women of the village, the great  garu and Rahid the villiage’s lead hunter watched over her, awaiting the date that she would be given to the raja. 


Sharmila was a lonely young woman, having no friends her age, and only a few older people she called friend.  Her life was busy working around the village and at night she loved to lie on her back and watch the great lights in the sky as they marked the passing of time.  Her mind formed the patterns of the lights and she dreamed of the old stories of adventure and conquest taught to her by the garu. 


During the day, she would stop to watch the flow of the women and men in the village as she studied the pattern of the life in this small village.  She seldom attempted to join in the events of village, preferring to quietly watch and study the patterns of life. 


After she left the edge of the stream, the feeling of danger caused her to stop in her tracks.   She looked around slowly but could not see any danger but could feel the hairs raising on the back of her neck.  She did see her friend Rahid the tribe’s best hunter, heading down the path towards her at a run signaling her to stop. 


Rahid stopped, raised his bow and pulled the string taught with an arrow pointed in the direction of Sharmila.   As her eyes widened in fear and her breath hung in her chest, Rahid let lose the arrow that flew towards the young woman.


At the moment the arrow began its flight, Sharmila saw out of the corner of her eye from the left, a great stripped tiger begin to launch itself in her direction from the high undergrowth close by.   With Sharmila tossing the water jug to the side and covering her head as she crouched in a instinctive move to protect herself, the arrow found its mark in the side of the great tiger. 


The tiger was killed instantly as the arrow found its heart, but the weight of the great beast’s body continued its arch and the body crashed into Sharmila knocking her to the ground.   The heavy body of the dead tiger trapped the thin body of the young woman and dazed her. 

Within a few moments, Rahid was by her side and rolled the large beasts body off his young friend.  As he bent over to see if she was ok, Sharmila opened her eyes and broke into a sad smile.   Rahid reached down with his powerful arms and helped her to her feet as she grabbed him and laid her head on his chest and clung to him with a small sob.   


The adrenalin rush eased from her body and awareness of what had just happened reached her mind.  She had a quick flash that maybe it would have been better to die at the paws of this great beast than to face the uncertain but fatal future of which she dreaded. 


“Sharmila, I have told you many times to not go to the river alone.  The raja would have my head if I let something happen to you.” 


After Sharmila had recovered, Rahid escorted her back to the stream to refill the water jug then escorted her back to the village.  Upon arrival, he sent some of the young men back to bring the great cat to village.   The cat would provide food for the village and the skin would be a gift to the raja. 


With excitement, the tail of the feat of Rahid rushed through the small village like a wild fire.  The village garu came to talk with his young student Sharmila because he respected her and wanted to make sure this life event was placed in perspective of her life’s journey.   


Sharmila had long studied under the village garu Chanakya , trying to capture the Hindu teachings that were passed down from great teachers.   She understood the words of the religion that described the division of matter, soul and God.  She had trouble with the meaning of the words given her limited life experiences.   The teachings had been written using the evolving symbols of Kharo ṣṭ h
ī for many generations and Sharmila had taken time to learn how to read the great writings with help from her teacher.    


Her marriage to the raja was not a happy event in her mind; the raja was an old man.   According to tradition, his wife’s would join him when his soul departed from the matter of his body.  This meant that Sharmila would live a short life, but the decision was not hers to make.    


Sharmila spent her spare time studying the great Hindu writings.  She tried to convince herself that her following the traditions in a willful gesture would allow her soul to return to find a better life as her soul continued to evolve towards meeting the great God. 


When Sharmila entered the small room where she slept, she crumpled onto the bed of blankets in exhaustion and depression.  As she lay in the bed with her knees gathered to her chest in sadness over the events that were coming, the universe opened in her mind.


 Sharmila’s mind opened up to an image with thousands of strange looking beings, a crowd going far into the distance.  All seemed to show signs of wonderment as they too looked around the great crowd.  The image of a symbol floated in the air over the large cloud of life forms followed by the image of a great building traveling from the ground to the lights in the sky.  The period of time that the image controlled her mind was short, being only a few seconds, but the image was powerful and more lifelike than any dream she had ever had before.   She felt she was viewing a new reality.  


After a short period of time to recover, she quickly rose from her bed and crossed the village busy with women cooking and children playing.  She headed to the small quarters of the village garu in a rush of determination and a touch of fear. 



As she entered his hut, he was sitting at the small table writing on a manuscript.  With the noise of her entering, he put down the pen and looked up from his efforts. 


“Garu Chanakya , I have to talk.” 


“Yes my child, what can I do for you?” 


“I have just had a vision.   When I was laying down to rest, I had a powerful vision.”


When Sharmila described the vision, the garu was impressed with the detailed description of many of the creatures she had seen.  As she continued to speak of the great symbol and the wondrous building rising to the lights in the sky, he became more convinced that the vision had come from the great God for a purpose.   Sharmila was unmistakably able to receive messages from God and as such was now more important to the people than even the raja. 


After a long discussion going over the details again and again, the garu told Sharmila to return to her bed and rest. He now had a task that needed to be done.  He held her hands and gave her a reassuring smile, “Your vision is from God.  This message gives us hope and belief.  Now go rest, I am happy for you. You have seen the wonders of God.” 


As soon as Sharmila left, the garu packed his bed roll and picked up his walking stick for the two day journey to the great village in the east where the raja lived.  As he was leaving the village, Rahid assigned two of his most trusted hunters to accompany him for safety and carry supplies for the elderly religious man.


After two days of walking, the garu and his protection hunters entered the large village of the raja.  The unusual arrival of the great garu brought many of the village out to see what was so important that this wise old man would take the journey. 


In the past, the various tribes had been independent and roamed the great mountains and plains of the world.   It had only been a few generations of time since the raja’s had changed the culture from nomad to laying out great farms and establishing villages in a given domain.    


Word had arrived for many seasons of great civilizations rising in the west and the east.  With this word, came a desire by the raja to document and announce the raja’s success at organizing the various tribes and forming a new domain in the world. 


While this was the largest village within this raja’s domain, it was only a few hundred huts.   The raja had a large collection of huts that acted for storage, meetings and for the living quarters of the raja and his family.  He treated his people with respect and gained their love in return. 


The current raja had two wives, both older like himself having taken them as a youth.  Sharmila was not to join the royal family out of love, but out of tradition.   The promise of Sharmila on her 15 th birthday was to whoever was raja, not this older man specifically.  In fact it was expected his elder son would be in charge by now but God had not yet call his soul to take the new journey. 


The garu and the current raja were old friends.  Each respected the other and worked together for the people of the domain.  With the garu’s arrival, the two quickly met to conduct their business.  Some of the women of the village had quickly prepared food and drink for their honored guest and their raja. 


As the garu and raja talked, the power of the garu’s words were forceful and almost a command to the royal leader.  Sharmila must be allowed to continue her studies given her connection to the great God.  In summary, the fact that she should not marry the raja brought the conversation to a halt. 


“I, As most in our many villages within my domain, hold great respect for you my great friend.  I cannot fight your belief that Sharmila has received a vision from the great God, I trust you know this better than I."


“This symbol that she spoke of, is it the missing piece you have been searching for?”  


“Yes my great raja, I think it is.   Since you have requested I write a great song covering the tales of our domains history and your great adventures; you know I have searched for a symbol to indicate your power and great leadership of our people during your reign.   This symbol is a gift from God and will give your story, the story of our people a life into the future.” 


The symbole would be incorporated into the sanskrit symbols and  later split into two symbols in the Western languages and in science and math represent PI (the relationshiop of the radius of a circle to its cercumferance; and C for the speed of light in a vacume.


“Thank you my great friend garu Chanakya .   With this final piece, I can now rest and look forward to my soul’s next journey in life."


“Go and continue your work with Sharmila.  Perhaps before my soul moves to my destined future, this young girl can bless our people with more views of God.  Her visions from God are more important than the traditions of our people.” 


Before leaving, the garu took a charred stick from the fire and upon the flat wood that lined the door of the raja’s great meeting room; he drew the symbol seen by Sharmila and now would be identified as the symbol of the raja.    


This symbol would change with time.  The parts of the symbol would become part of the great languages, science and history of the people of earth.  Eventually, it would be a symbol that would combine the people of earth with people across the universe. 


Styve joined Uvan and Mext waited for word from the team with the “Watcher” and the wait was short.  Over the communication network, the team reported: “The message was received by the ‘Watcher’.  He described the transmission to the minutest detail.  In addition, he described a great crowd of beings in the thousands that watched the transmission.   The details of the beings he could describe, match none of our recorded races within this galaxy.”  

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