During the late 15th century, a secret war plagued the cities of Italy.  The Sicilian Mafia had been born and was evolving; rumors of the famous Templar treasures scattered the countryside. In a time of turmoil, one of the greatest men of history arose: Leonardo da Vinci. Protecting Freemason secrets, he planned a defense against a dangerous double headed snake and created the most advanced military designs of an era. In this fast-paced historical fiction, the drama unfolds: Love, loyalty, death, and intrigue arise, bringing new life to long forgotten secrets of the past.


Soon To Be Released
"Templar End Times"

When the Knight Templars find a document hinting at a hidden treasure under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a group of Knights begin a journey to protect their secret.  As the Knights are driven out of the Holy city for the last time, the small group of survivors now have a final mission to protect the secrets and survive.  The Knights travel as they try to find a way to protect their treasures against the spies, thieves and hunters from the Church and the desperate King of France who controls the Pope and needs the whispered riches of the Knight Templars.