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We have new projects underway


Jewelry based on the "Templar Freemason: The Circle Completes is being developed and will soon be ready.  Each piece is unique and hand-made specific to the buyer by the designer Molly Shanks.

Work continues on book 4 "Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link"

Screen Plays continue to be submitted to various compititions around the world.

In an effort to make the screen plays better, we continue to submit the various screen plays.  With feedback, we make updates and tuning to make the scripts better.  Check our Movie Script page to find out more.

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Join our email list and we will keep you updated on new events and information as we continue working towards new books and screen plays. (we also plan to release snipits of the next books for your sampling).  We send out announcments at the begining of each month to our list.

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