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We have new projects underway


"Tales from our Universe's Edge" is now released and available.  Soon to be released in Audiobook format.

Working with a Jewelry Maker,  Jewelry based on the "Watcher in the Fall" symbol is being developed and will soon be ready for sale.

Work continues on book 4 "Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link"

A new Historical Fiction book is finishing up "Templar End Times" and work has started on an Audiobook version.  The ebook and softcopy will soon be released.

Audiobook version of "Da Vinci Connections" is completing and soon to be released.

Screen Plays continue to be submitted to various compititions around the world.

In an effort to make the screen plays better, we continue to submit the various screen plays.  With feedback, we make updates and tuning to make the scripts better.  Check our Movie Script page to find out more.

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