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  The Universe is Infinite so Let Your Imagination Fly Free 

Great Reading for kids of all ages!

(Book 1 in the series)


When an ancient race living on the edge of the universe energizes a unique pattern, an advanced super secret U.S. Defense team suddenly becomes the focal point of one of the greatest events in human history.  


Action erupts from the collision of two universes driving the ancient race to flee, scattering races deeper into our universe with the destruction of galaxies; while an intrigue based game of chess pits the U.S. with the Russians and Chinese in a deadly underground war to protect the greatest secret in human history.

(Book 2 in the series)



Ancient races after escaping their galaxies which were destroyed; begin helping races across many galaxies organize and start a massive migration as they must escape from the destructive force of the newly born universe collision with our universe.


On Earth, conflict grows between the Western countries and others as West economy's rise and those aligned with China and Russia begin to collapse. With the unique watcher communications network connecting rare “Watcher” life forms across the universe, advanced races are discovering the extraordinary abilities of some of the watchers. Earth must be prepared for a great event.

(Book 3 in the series)


Action continues to flow from the edges of the universe to Earth as linkages between Earth’s Watchers to Watchers in Andromeda galaxy, brings risks and rewards, love and hatred, life and death and the birth of a star.  


The roller coaster ride on Earth drives a cat and mouse game between the Humanity First organization as they exploit nuclear threats of destruction and the highly classified DARPA BELLOWS team with its M+ theory derived tools attempting to protect lives.  As the migration at the edge of the universe is organized in the distant galaxies to begin its drive deeper into the older universe, the new universe continues its destructive but powerful movement forward.  A frantic search for missing ancients brings forth new questions and exposes new powers of a special Watcher.


Under Development "Trans-Link" (Book 4)

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Tales From Our Universe's Edge

Tales from our Universe’s Edge presents three stories connected to the ongoing SciFi series "Watcher in the Fall".  Each story covers beings who encounter challenges to survive against significant odds.  Divergent civilizations tied together by the basic science of our Universe.  Each finding a path for their few survivors driving them deeper into our universe as they escape a destruction beyond their ability to stop.  Find the thread that connects them and gives hope to their shattered dreams. 

The Old Ones, a tale of lineage that crowns an ancient race and its wondrous discoveries. 


Warrior Gem, a warrior whose genetic unique makeup allows her to discover her place in the universe. 


Universe’s Edge, where two lovers plan for their future, to find that they must fight to survive to allow it to come true.

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