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I write Sci-Fi Intrigue books along with a growing list of short stories and movie screen plays dealing with an exciting multiverse predicted by String Theory.  I am about to release on Amazon the first in a new series of books based on Historical Fiction.

Trained in nuclear physics, I am nearing the end of my career, working in military systems and computers while maintaining my interest in oceanography, nuclear and particle physics along with concepts of Cosmology as a hobby.  Over my life I continue to enjoy reading Sci-Fi along with dreaming and discussing concepts of Black Holes, Neutron stars, star factories, the edge of the visible universe or how many dimensions are really in our universe.  

My initial ongoing series of stories (Watcher in the Fall) draws from the breadth of the intriguing ideas presented in a growing body of military and scientific ideas and concepts.  From a story about first contact to colliding universes, destruction of galaxies, to back street spies, gun battles, ships dying in combat to transports jumping across the universe through dimensional shifts; stories take the reader on a ride resulting in reactions of some people to ask if it could actually be happening in their lives now.  

Having worked on studies from the depths of the oceans to scientific platforms in space, from major weapon systems to sophisticated communications concepts, from advanced supercomputers to highly developed signal processing algorithms implemented in micro computer code, my life has covered a unique spectrum of science and engineering.  Along with my life knowledge, calling upon my years of field experience blended with the study of advanced physics I have been able to pull together an ongoing tale covering the spectrum of the wonders and dangers of the universe along with the human experience; a tale which will take the rest of my life to tell. 

From my years of traveling the world from Japan to Europe, from Singapore to working ships in the center of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from a life in San Diego, CA to years of living and working in the Washington D.C. area; my writing pulls upon this extensive experience.  

The Watcher in the Fall story line is designed to take the user around the world and across a universe of planets and galaxies as the stories of aliens and humans alike evolve in unique ways. From artists to warriors, from an alien farmer to senior engineers; from deadly spies to a boy who definitely is not what he appears to be from the outside; races of aliens that destroy worlds to others that build worlds along with structures that encapsulates stars.I write these stories as an offer providing my readers a chance to imagine, to ask the questions of "What If" to think about who we are in this wondrous universe; question what they think they know as a fact; and to examine the subject of "Are we alone?". 

Drawing upon a small thread of the Watcher in the Fall stories, I created a concept of historical fiction centered on Leonardo da Vinci.  From the small thread, a short story arose; from the short story came a screen play; from the screen play the concept of a new book series is beginning.


General Author Information :

Watcher in the fall -  Book Series (published on Amazon)

              Watcher in the Fall: Connections

              Watcher in the Fall: Conversions

              Watcher in the Fall: Evolutions

              (Under Development) Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link

               Tales From Our Universe's Edge

Master Connections – Screen Play based on part of Watcher in the Fall: Connections 

New Historical Fiction Book :

              Da Vinci Connections 

               Templar End Times


Other Screen Plays:

              Da Vinci Connections

              Universe’s Edge


Other Works under Development

              And The Angel Watched Over The Flock

              The Warrior Gem

              For Love


A general proposal :

While looking for representation beginning with the book “Da Vinci Connections”, in general I am looking for support in all areas (books and screen plays).


First Chapter of “Da Vinci Connections” :

Copyright © 2014, 2015


“No! You can’t die!”

The young woman lay crying on her husband’s dead body, which was sprawled in the leaves below the olive trees. She came upon the body shortly after he didn’t show up for his normal lunch break. The arrow in his heart had been true to its mark. The young woman, in her grief, failed to hear the sound of the two murderers hidden behind the trees. One of the killers placed an arrow in his bow and released it. The arrow struck a deadly blow in the grieving woman’s back, leaving the husband and wife dead in the same spot.


The two murderers had one more task to finish for the church before collecting their reward money. They moved slowly toward the small hut on the edge of the olive tree forest to finish the job. Suddenly they heard a lone rider approaching the house at high speed. As the rider dismounted, he rushed into the house yelling at the top of his voice and closing the door behind him.


“Samantha, Nicolas! Answer me! This is Andre. Leonardo sent me! It’s an emergency!”


Mico emerged from the back area. He was a young boy of ten, strong and with piercing eyes. Hearing Andre’s words, Mico looked worried.

“Mama went to find Papa. He’s late for lunch. They should have been back by now.”


Andre suddenly became aware of noise outside in the trees and drew his sword, pushing Mico behind him. As the door opened, he could see the marks of the church on the man’s shirt and didn’t hesitate to strike before the man could react. With the first killer dazed, the second backed away from the open door. Andre faced the man.


“Where are Samantha and Nicolas?”


“They are dead in the trees. I guess I will have to finish the job!”


As the two faced off with their swords in preparation for a death match, an arrow suddenly struck the killer as another man, Tero, approached on a horse. Tero put away his bow as he jumped from his horse. As Andre turned, the dazed killer attempted to rise. Andre killed him, driving his sword through the man’s chest.

Andre talked loudly so Tero could hear. “We have to go! Mico’s parents are dead. The master gave instructions for this specific event.”

Andre looked at Mico. “Quick, gather your belongings—you must come with us, now!”


Mico was standing in shock at the quick turn of events upon hearing his mother and father were dead. Andre approached and knelt down to the young boy. “You must be strong. We can do nothing for your parents; there will be time to grieve once we are safe. Now come show me your possessions.”


As the two began to quickly pick up the young boy’s meager possessions, Andre continued, “For your safety, your life will change. You will no longer be known as Mico; you will now be known as Matteo. Do you understand?”


The young boy looked at Andre. “Yes, my name is now Matteo. Will I be safe?”

Andre looked at the boy’s sad face. “My job is to protect you. I will do whatever I can to keep you safe. Now we must go before anyone arrives.”

After Andre mounted his horse, Tero lifted Matteo up behind him. Matteo hugged his small bag. The two men with their young charge headed through the trees and over a hill before meeting a road. The trip took the trio east towards the distant city of Venice.




Many years later in Palermo, Italy, as a judge exits the city court building, a man is waiting in the shadows. As the robed judge approaches and pulls out a flask, Uso—a known member of the Mafioso—steps out with a threatening posture and a knife visible.


“Who are you? Do you know who I am?”


“Yes. I am from the don. I am here to remind you that you can erase your debt and set our man free or your family will have to pay the don.”


“You don’t have to remind me. Just leave my family alone.”


“It’s up to you.”


The judge quickly gulps from the flask and wipes his mouth on his sleeve. Turning and breathing deeply, he heads back into the building to continue the trial of the Mafioso collector.




Leonardo is chiseling a large block of marble stone while his apprentice, Enreffie, is working at the table translating information from very thin rice paper into notebooks. Alberto is working on drawings as the master is providing drawing tips.


Leonardo leans back to stretch and looks at the two apprentices. “I am getting tired of these attacks by the church on our society members. Did you get the message out to Naples? The message from Rome indicated they are sending a father and guards to investigate our activities in Naples.”


Enreffie looks up from his work and smiles at his teacher. “Yes, Master; I made sure it went out first thing this morning. Two men are traveling to help shift their location and cover their tracks.”


Alberto looks up from his drawing of Enreffie to gaze at the evolving carving. “Do you have time to complete the statue for the coming wedding? I wish we could attend.”


With a bit of a frown, Leonardo responds, “If we were to attend and any hint of the society were found, our secrets could be uncovered. As much as I too desire to attend, we can’t afford the risk.” Picking up his hammer and chisel, Leonardo continues to work with a smile. “Now if you don’t keep bothering me, I can get the statue done in time for the wedding in Venice.”


Alberto jumps in. “Well I for one am glad that Matteo and Belinda have been able to make yearly trips to visit us. They make such a lovely couple and they both act like you’re their grandfather, Master, and treat Enreffie and myself as part of their family.”


Enreffie picks up one of the transmissions he is translating into the notebook. “I too am happy that you were able to save Matteo those many years ago… I have a message here from Palermo. It indicates that the Mafioso have bribed a judge, allowing a killer to go free. The city guards are getting frustrated and there are hints that bribes are now being paid to lowly guards to give them information about potential raids.”


Stopping and setting the chisel down again, Leonardo looks back up at the two boys. “We need to continue to keep a close eye on them. There is a growing power base there and they could become a threat across Italy. Any sign that the church is worried about them?”


Enreffie continues reading the note. “Nothing I have seen in the messages. I will send the question to our people in Rome.”


Leonardo sighs heavily as he focuses on the carving. “I am getting old. All these problems just make me older. I yearn for the days when I was young and could focus on art, work on my science, increase my understanding of the human life form and engineering.”