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A Cookbook For The Ages III - Table of Contents

Journey back in time with recipes and tales depicting meals from around the Mediterranean in 1250 AD. This cookbook shares authentic dishes and Historical Fiction stories featuring the Knights Templar, ancient Moorish and Egyptian cuisine, medieval Austrian feasts, Irish fare, and more. Includes ingredients and cooking methods true to the period. A delicious way to reimagine history!

Table of Contents



Tomar begins his first spy mission   (Story)

A Moorish meal in Granada in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Hummus bi Tahini  (Recipe)

Lamb Tagine (Recipe)

Qamar El-Deen(Recipe)

Flat Bread (Recipe)


A Moorish meal in Ceuta in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Eggah  (Recipe)

Lamb tagine with lemon and green olives  (Recipe)

Bastilla fritters  (Recipe)

Roasted vegetables  (Recipe)

Honey glazed fried dough (Recipe)

Thyme and mint tea (Recipe)


A Moorish meal in Fes in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Harsha (Recipe)

Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Olives  (Recipe)

Shawarma of Lamb with Apricots  (Recipe)

Roasted sweet and regular squash, drizzled with dark date syrup (Recipe)

Cinnamon scented mashed chickpeas with fried onions  (Recipe)

Sfouf  (Recipe)

Thyme and cumin spiced honey tea with fresh spearmint  (Recipe)

Sharāb fruit punch (Recipe)


A North African meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Beetroot salad  (Recipe)

Lamb tagine with prunes and sesame seeds  (Recipe)

Bastilla  (Recipe)

Stuffed peppers and zucchinis (Recipe)

Almond Gazelle Horns  (Recipe)

Sharāb (Recipe)

Tea infused with mint and wormwood (Recipe)



The Templar Commander Phillipe fulfils the Vision  (Story)

A Greek meal in 1250 AD (Meal)

Dolmades  (Recipe)

Tyropita (Recipe)

Kokinisto me minestra  (Recipe)

Gemista (Recipe)

Baklava (Recipe)

Templar ships seek shelter in the Dublin harbor (Story)

An Irish meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Soda bread (Recipe)

Bacon and cabbage (Recipe)

Salmon pie (Recipe)

Colcannon (Recipe)

Turnips and parsnips roasted in drippings. (Recipe)

Apple cake  (Recipe)

Mead  (Recipe)



Young Tomar is led on a training mission by the Master Spy Trainer (Story)

A German meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Dark rye bread  (Recipe)

Sauerbraten  (Recipe)

Pork and apple stew  (Recipe)

Spelt grain (Recipe)

Potato pancakes (Recipe)

Steamed turnips and carrots   (Recipe)

Honey-glazed apple pastries   (Recipe)



Tomar and the returning ships head South from Iceland towards London (Story)

A Flanders (Belgium) meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Homemade rye bread (Recipe)

Beer-braised beef stew with root vegetables  (Recipe)

Pork ribs with cabbage and apples (Recipe)

Beans and peas pottage  (Recipe)

Boiled barley grains tossed in walnut oil (Recipe)

Rice pudding  (Recipe)

Spiced apple cakes  (Recipe)



Phillipe and the Knights begin their final Mission for the Order (Story)

A Syrian meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Baba ghanoush  (Recipe)

Pita bread  (Recipe)

Kibbeh samak  (Recipe)

Maqluba (Recipe)

Fattoush (Recipe)

Tabouleh  (Recipe)

Asabe’ Zainab  (Recipe)

Jallab (Recipe)

Arabic coffee spiced with cardamom or ginger (Recipe)



Tomar travels to Egypt on a Mission (Story)

A Egyptian meal in 1250 AD  (Meal)

Dukkah (Recipe)

Aish Shamsi Flat Bread  (Recipe)

Pigeon mahshi  (Recipe)

Mulukhiyah (Recipe)

Beet salad with cumin and vinegar dressing  (Recipe)

Okra with tomatoes stewed in dill and garlic  (Recipe)

Umm Ali  (Recipe)

Hibiscus tea sweetened with honey (Recipe)

Turkish style coffee spiced with cardamom  (Recipe)



Tomar and friends cross Austria and Hungary on the way to Poland (Story)

A meal in the Kingdom of Hungary around 1250 AD   (Meal)

Dark rye bread  (Recipe)

Beef goulash  (Recipe)

Roast wild boar with barley (Recipe)

Cabbage salad in vinaigrette with caraway seeds  (Recipe)

Peas and baby carrots glazed lightly in butter with dill  (Recipe)

Sweet cheese dumplings  (Recipe)

A meal in Austria around 1250 AD   (Meal)

Rye and pumpernickel bread (Recipe)

Wiener Schnitzel (Recipe)

Roast chicken stuffed with onion, apples and sage. (Recipe)

Braised red cabbage (Recipe)

Buttered wide egg noodles Recipe)

Linzer torte  (Recipe)


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