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String Theory Leads to M+Theory in Watcher in the Fall

Drawing of the folding of higher dimensions

First let’s start with a statement on String Theory. With original work being done in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, at the time I was working on my physics degree. String Theory was the next great horizon according to all the theoretical physics article. Unfortunately, the college I went too, only provided low energy physics. To work in the areas would take many more years of studies and far more math. I took a different path in life, but continued to watch work in the years moving forward. The math of String Theory is far beyond my training, but I try to understand the concepts.

In the 1940’s, Quantum Theory was in its early formation. The theory predicted strange and unusual events and possibilities. Over the years, Quantum Theory has proven to provide proven solutions for the microscopic or atomic and particle domains of existence. It is from this beginning that String Theory evolved as science attempts to find the “Theory of Everything”.

A broad highly technical discussion on String Theory can be found at

The basic essence of String theory is to use ten (10) dimensions to describe the properties of a vibrating strings of energy forming a class of basic particle. The research showed promise to linking Gravity (the graviton particle) to the basic forces of nature.

By the 1990’s, String Theory had been able to describe a number of existing particles; however it had run into trouble. There were five different solutions, all appeared valid. The problem is, that a “Theory of Everything” should not have many valid solutions, only 1.

Some people working on String Theory had broken away and started looking at two dimensional membranes of vibrating energy instead of a one dimensional string. It eventually was shown that by adding an additional dimension (now 11), the multiple solutions of String Theory appeared too collapsed to a single solution. The new theory became known as M-Theory, a new branch of String Theory.

M was known by some as meaning Membrane, to others M became known as Magic.

The idea of eleven (11) dimensions creates wild and weird predictions; a near infinite number of parallel universe is the key one.

As work continues, one of the basic understandings is that current math is probably the wrong language to fully express the real solutions. Part of the work is a hunt for a new way to express the concepts. Even now work is scratching the surface of where this will take us.

While watching a show discussing M-Theory, a discussion of the “Big Bang” came up. During a one of their meetings in London on a train ride, they began discussing the start of our universe. As the ideas flowed, the concept of a “bumping” of universes evolved to provide an idea on how the “Big Bang” may have started.

Other people have been working on ideas that gravity in our universe is a reflection of gravity in an adjoining universe.

Some basic assumptions within the Watcher storyline

  • Each dimension is orthogonal (at a right angle) to its lower dimensional neighbor. Length is orthogonal to Height, width is orthogonal to Length and Height….

  • The basic connection is energy. Energy anchors in all dimensions.

  • The connection dimensions and vibrations control our physical existence.

  • Nothing is random, what we see as random is just because we cannot understand all the multidimensional interactions that effect any point in the multidimensional space.

  • Another concept of the book is that there is a central purpose or control of everything, something that creates the rules by which everything exists.

In Watcher in the Fall, the Old Ones (an ancient race from the edge of the universe) provides key understandings of a new level of M-Theory. It becomes known as M+ Theory and provides solutions for our own universe. The storyline explores some of the other universes, the ability to move within our universe through translation (swapping) of the basic spatial dimension information, communications across the universe through energy connection transmissions of information using higher dimensions.

If you have your future ahead of you, you may wish to study hard and perhaps you can work on the edge of science and make a discovery. Who knows, perhaps M+ Theory is wait for you to join the search.

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