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Knights Templar and The Spear of Destiny Overview

Discover the Secret World of the Knights Templar and Their Deadly Quest in This Thrilling Saga of Faith and Valor

All men dream, but only some pursue their vision. Join legendary Templar Commander Tomar on his epic crusade to safeguard a dangerous holy relic that will challenge the very essence of honor and duty across the bloody battlefields of medieval history.

Steeped in accuracy through meticulous historical research, Knights Templar and the Spear of Destiny chronicles Tomar’s perilous journey from battle-tested spy in 1230 AD Jerusalem to warrior monk entrusted with the order’s deepest secrets as he quests to unearth mysteries tied to the very foundations of religious faith.

When a humble man understands the unfathomable power held within an ancient Roman centurion’s spear that pierced Christ’s own crucified flesh, the mythic Spear of Destiny’s path becomes forever intertwined with devoted knights who hand copy sacred texts and defend pilgrims on the savage road to the future.

A page-turning story of intrigue and action, this meticulously researched saga transports you to fascinating medieval cities besieged by assassins, vagabond thieves, and armies of Saracen warriors as Tomar wields both sword and subterfuge in his fanatical service to the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon: The valiant Knights Templar.

Battle-tested in the Siege of Acre amid the burning desert heat, Temple spy and agent provocateur Tomar utilizes his seasoned street smarts and instincts to navigate Jerusalem’s treacherous political cross currents, but even this weathered campaigner cannot anticipate how he will become fatefully custodian to the mythical spear’s mysterious power.

When a cryptic truth-seeker divines the relic’s long-secret Judean desert location encrypted in oral traditions, Tomar swiftly undertakes a punishing ride into the Judaean wasteland along with Issa, the descendant of Essene guardians entrusted by Jesus’ own apostles to safeguard the potent artifact. Braving elaborate crypt traps and puzzles in a lightless grotto untouched since the Roman sack of Jerusalem, Tomar’s soul is fused to the spear through the divine clarity of distant saints and prophets.

Now ordained to shield sacred relics tied to the very cornerstones of Western faith in Templar sanctuaries dotted across medieval Poland and Western Europe, elite Templar envoys selected by Grandmasters of the realm recognize the urgency of cloaking Tomar’s next quest to unearth a legendary Templar stronghold in the far-flung Vinland wilderness: Terra Nova Sanctuarium.

Driven by providential visions and aided by fellow devout knights, the grizzled Tomar perseveres through shipwrecking Atlantic storms, treacherous Moor pirates, and bandit-infested villages, drawing strength from his stalwart companions. Issa’s pure spirit, the towering fighter Mountain’s raw brawn and Melania’s compassion all reinforce Tomar’s tireless dedication to his divine mandate. Even as hidden forces muster against this veteran Templar now voyaging into pagan lands, Tomar remains undaunted.

Over myriad leagues and untold dangers, Tomar and his brotherhood at last come upon pristine Norse sanctuaries where fellow knights previously voyage; harbingers of sanctuarium sanctuary foreseen in celestial visions granting clarity to Tomar and all true crusaders. Through relentless seasons, the warrior collective labors in secrecy to quarry and vault precious relics below this remote redoubt, where one day imperiled knowledge might emerge resplendent again . . . like righteous steel forged against infernal siege.

In this sweeping historical epic, relive the Knights Templar’s towering legacy of courage, cunning, and conviction in their ceaseless defense of cherished ideals now at risk of entombment by the suffocating shadow of despotic rule and godless men.

As the heir of legendary Jacques De Molay, last military Grand Master immolated by torture upon Papist pyres, Tomar bears the Templar’s torch through crumbling kingdoms towards hidden Balkan heresies threatening to engulf Eastern bastions with primeval night. Though racked with wounds and loss no honest soldier escapes in his twilight years encircled by wolves, through Christ’s benediction Tomar prevails until the end . . . a loyal guardian shepherding future warriors whose brave hearts and gleaming swords fail not in their sacred charge.

From besieged desert garrisons to unmapped Arctic wilderness, discover the powerful spiritual odyssey guiding vigilant Templars and the promise of redemption awaiting noble men who pursue inextinguishable Light. If valiant purpose and steel-clad fraternity stir your marrow, bear stalwart witness alongside Knights Templar and the Spear of Destiny on their intrepid quest through savage lands into majestic legend!


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