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Some Musings on God, Science, the Universe

This week I read a couple of interesting discussions. Here are references in case you would like to read them:


  • A discussion on how Science might be starting to think that the design of the universe at the largest and smallest levels show “intelligent Design”


  • Measurements show that galaxies are slowly reducing their energy output at all wavelengths

The concepts in the papers are Interesting in their own right, but are there ties?

If the universe is dying, then what does this mean about an intelligent Design, “God”?

So here is my two cents!

  • We know that even a fractional change in the constants of the universe would make life as we know it impossible.

  • The complexity of the universe from the design of the sub-quantum world through the black-holes that control each galaxy is related, is connected in our universe.

What does this all mean? There are multiple possibilities.

Our life in the universe is just lucky; there is no “intelligent design”

Based on M Theory, there is the possibility of a near infinite number of universes. This theory allows for creation (Big Bang) and death of universes. Some would say that given an infinite number of possibilities, surely one must meet the perfect conditions that would bring about life…our life.

Our universe was born and our universe will die. With the death of our universe, we will die and the universe will turn into a wasteland of nothingness. With our death and the death of the universe, there is nothing. Without an “intelligent design” we ask the bleak question “is that all there is?”.

Our life in the universe is just lucky; there is an “intelligent design”

In this case, the “intelligent design” has a grand idea. Our universe fits the perfect design of our description of life. But while the universe is born and will die, there is a reason. Our life may not be the reason and be just a side effect of the design of our universe…meaningless to the larger picture which we have no knowledge of. --- While taking a hit to our ego, it does give us a purpose. We are always trying to understand how and why. We need to understand. It gives us a purpose.

Our life in the universe has a purpose; there is an “intelligent design”

We have always seen ourselves as the center of everything, we have always though that we are the purpose. People that work on the human brain say there is a part of the brain where we develop the idea of “God”. It could be that in this part of the brain that needs “intelligent design” that we find “God”.

If life is the purpose of our universe and perhaps other universes and it was arranged by an “intelligent design”, we have found “God”. We have a goal, a purpose.

Without an “intelligent design”, there can be no “purpose” for life, purpose is derived from the “intelligent design”.

So in two cases out of three, we see there is a purpose because an “intelligent design” exists. Perhaps we are just part of the purpose, but we are driven to discovery; driven to try to find the answers to both how and why.

We certainly will not find the answers in my lifetime, but they are out there, they are calling for us to find them, calling us to keep searching. And with every discovery, the wonders of this universe amaze us with the new questions that arise and the calling to answer them.

The universe may be dying in a few billion years, but by searching and understanding the design, perhaps it is not the end. If M-Theory is pointing us in the right direction perhaps it will also give an answer to our dilemma, it can give us hope. Knowledge can allow us to survive.

Perhaps my logic is invalid, perhaps this set of questions cannot be defined by logic.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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