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I haven't Lost My Mind

In 2007 I left San Diego, CA to take a new job with General Dynamics in Fairfax, VA. It turned into a strange few weeks.

Over the years I have been here, I have grown to love the colors of fall, the bloosoms of the spring, the snow of the winter (although I haite the muggy heat of the summer).

In August 2007, I put my Resume on the street as I looked for a new job. I was immediately contacted by Lockheed Martin in NJ. They arranged to fly me out for a Friday interview. The interview went fine and I flew back to San Diego for the weekend.

Next I was contacted by John Hopkins APL. Again they flew me out for a Friday interview which went well.

Returning through Dallas, Tx I received a phone call from my friend at General Dynamics. He asked if I had accepted a position yet, to which I replied no. I was told they wanted to interview me and would have me fly out the following week.

So the following week, I flew to Dullas, VA. Again the interview went well. As I returned to Dullas, VA to catch my flight home, I received a call to informe me that they had an offer for me.

The following Monday I received all three offers. I decided to go with General Dynamics. But I still had promised to cover a meeting in London England since the engineer I was working with had to fly to Texas for a program he was working on. So I gave my two weeks notice and started planing for a move to Northern Virginia.

My last week of work I caught a flight to London, England on Monday.

On Tuesday, I went to the site for the meeting and ogranized plans for the Wednesday Meeting.

On Wednesday, I chaired the meeting on British Modernization using Open Architecture.

On Thursday, I flew back to San Diego.

On Friday I checked out, returned my security badge, filed my last travel report and went home to pack.

On Saturday September 29th, I caught a flight to Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. and checked into a hotel.

On Monday Oct 1, 2007 I started work at General Dynamics. By late that afternoon, the first person asked me:

"Have you lost your mind? Why would anyone leave San Diego?"

Over the next fiew months I started a collection of some answers to the the basic question:

"Have You Lost Your Mind?"

So here are a collection on answers when someone asks you the same question.

I haven't lost my mind

It's backed up on disk somewhere

My X wife took it as part of the settlement

I lent it to someone and forgot who

I …..what was I saying

So many people have given me a piece of their mind I don't have any room left for mine.

It is in the hospital for sever burnout theropy

I've simply been taken over by an alian

I's on vacation

I took it on vacation and on the flight back the airline lost it.

I took it to Tewksberry Mass. It froze while I walked from the parking lot…It's still thawing

I cam from the stargate and I AM YOUR GOD

I really did see a puddy tat

I give everyone a pice of my mind… there is nothing left

Your just jealous that the voices only talk to me

I left it in Dallas or Chicago or St Louis

But I wonder why I keep getting asked the question

Some day I hope to return to San Diego, but California seems less and less apealing as time goes by. There are reasons for me to return, but If I could convince one person, I would probably live out on the East coast where there are four seansons, no droughts, and not the mess of LA close by.

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