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Who is George?

George is the watcher on earth, first discovered by the BELLOWS project.

George represents my background, divorced, two daughter. Like George, when the book was started, I was living in Crystal City on the edge of Arlington, VA across the river from Washington D.C. Like George, I work for a large defense contractor and at the time George was created, lived on the road 300 days a year. I have two daughters and a son. In addition, I have a a close friend with a young son with type 1 diabetese whom I help. I now live in Virgina, having moved from San Diego where my family and close friend live for work with the Navy and Army.

The term Watcher, comes partly from my life. I have never been a integrated person, I go to parties and wander around watching the couples. I go to a sports bar and watch the people engaged in the various sports, but rarely being engaged myself. My life is one of being a loner. I have lived most of my life alone; a watcher of life; a watcher of our universe.

Having been trained in physics, I easily comprehend the complex concepts and ideas behind theoretial physics and cosmology. I enjoy the questions of what if and M Theory has brought forth a wonder of "What if's", so I watch and build my own concepts and propose my own answers.

One of the great questions is "God". Some scientiest do not believe in God, many do. I am a believer in a God that is not just of our universe, but of an infinate number of universes. There is a reason that this universe exists and that we exist within the universe. I see the pattern of the universe from galaxies to planets, from stars to DNA, from life to atoms and from the universe to fundimental particles. There are patterns that exist everywhere and the patterns have repeating designs at all levels. Patterns of life of the universe, galaixes, stars and planets appear in atoms and sub-atomic particles. These patters cannot be random, they are too consistant and must be related. Science can eventually cover the relationships and connections.

I strongly believe that Science answers the question of "How" and religion can help us to answer the question of "Why". Together they give us an insight to our lives and our place in the universe.

In my books, this is understanding of why things are, is known by the Old One's as the Master Plan. The Master Plan is based on M+ Theory and data collected on life. The more the data collected, the better the ability to predict the future and understand life in our universe. As interactions begin across the Multiverse, this too feeds the Master Plan and widens the understanding.

As you read my books, with this understanding, you may gain a better insight of

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