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Spring brings new Beginnings and Thoughts of Engaging Minds on New Journeys

As spring breaks, I have been drawn to a new decision. Its time to take my life in a new direction.

As such, I am beginning a process to leave my current job and pursue a modified direction. One that gives me more time with my grandkids and to spend more time writing. In addition, I am in talks with people on how I can begin to teach up-and-coming scientists and engineers about the exciting life they have ahead of them.

Having spent my life delving into research from the bottom of the deepest parts of the oceans of our world to working on satellite systems, designing advanced tracking systems to designing next generation military UAV controls systems. From working on systems hunting for submarines across the oceans of the world; designing genetic analysis software to studying and thinking about the expanses of our this universe and the predicted infinite set of universes; I wish to engage young minds to take new journeys and think grand thoughts. Perhaps one might discover a truth that we have never realized or take a path unique in our short history on this earth.

I plan to use the photos I have taken from traveling the oceans of the world; provide the stories of unique adventures I have experienced; the understanding of the threads of life and how they develop the patterns of our existence. I hope to infuse in a new generation the wonder and excitement I have been able to experience over a lifetime of science and engineering.

With luck, these will not be closed sessions, but I am planning on sharing the discussions through videos on this site. It is going to take time to set up; but I think and hope it will open up new understandings for a new generation of young scientist and engineers and help them to understand the challenges they will face, but also the immense journey they are beginning.

Stay tuned, the journey will begin in the FALL of 2018.

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