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First Days of my New Journey

On Monday (10/1/2018) I closed out my condo and hit the road. I gave all the furniture and kitchen dishes to charity before closing the door for the last time. While not sold yet, my realtor whom I have known for 11 years (she helped my buy the condo) is now in control of selling it.

My first day was a quick two hour drive west from Fairfax, VA to get me in position for visiting Luray Caverns. I stayed in a simple hotel for the night to get somewhat organized. My car is packed to the gills. I couldn't fit any more into it before the "College Hunks" arrived to clean out my condo.

I have a cooler in the back for liquid and to keep my injection medicine cool (I am a Type II diabetic and while I don't inject insulin, I do have to inject medication each evening). So with everything packed, I can just get a view out my back window and my back seat is full of boxes, clothes and quilts. My front seat has my travel bags, some snack foods, camera and my music speaker (I listen to my playlist I have dubbed "Movies and Marches"...200+ pieces such as Sousa marches, classical marches, classical music and movie music such as Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars, …)

Tuesday Morning the 2nd, I took the final drive over to Luray Caverns to take the tour. It was 1 1/2 hour walk down to 165ft below the surface and back up. The caverns were first discovered in the latter part of the 1800's and is the largest in Virginia. The site is quite impressive and was definitively a good workout for my first actual day of my travels.

After I caught my breath, took a little refreshments and finished walking around the site; it was on the road again. I headed south connecting to I-81 and eventually reached the North Carolina state line where I stopped for the night and to relax.

Next stop will be Stone Mountain, Georgia. Stay tuned and come see my next blog.

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