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And the travels continue

My travels continued. So far I have spent 11 days on the road in what I expect to be a 120 day journey. After a stop to see Luray Caverns, Stone Mountain and a drive through the Smoky Mountains (had to stop on the way down a mountain to let my breaks cool down...started using low gear to reduce wear on the breaks), I reached Dollywood.

I had no idea what to expect there, but I loved the various music presentations including watching a fiddler who makes fiddles trying out one of his creations. Took a ride on their old steam train (part way through, a live Turkey decided to steal the show). Had a good catfish meal and walked for 5 miles, a great change from the driving.

From Dollywood, I headed over to see the Grand Ole Oprey. While I didn't tour the actual stage area, I wandered around and took in the history.

I moved on to see Jack Daniels Distillery and did the walking tour. Luckily our group was small and were able to see things at a nice pace. The two young boys saw Santa as he gave a tour just ahead of us (yes, the man had the long white beard and all, he was very good with the kids).

Leaving Jack Daniels, I headed to meet with friends in Huntsville, AL. I still will be consulting on Army contracts (half time) and had a chance to touch bases with friends, although some couldn't meet up for various reasons.

On Wednesday the 10th, I headed west for Texas. Driving easy, I reached the Texas boarder on Thursday afternoon. On Friday I will head to Lampasas where my family has a cemetery. The Townsen family were some of the early settlers of Texas and owned a large spread next to Sam Huston's ranch. In addition, they brought the first wood mill to Texas from Tennessee. On Saturday there will be a plaque dedication at the cemetery where many of the Townsen and other branches of the Townsen family will be in attendance. I am told two of my cousins will attend (I have not seen them in years, so that alone will be good).

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning leg of my journey.

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