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The Templar Freemason

Ran into an interesting article. This has a direct relationship to the new Historical Fiction book I am writing.

Much has been made about the Templar treasures that initiated the 1300's destruction of the Templar organization by the King of France, greedy for their money to pay his debts.

My new book (under development) "The Templar Freemason: The Vision Stone" covers the time frame when the Templar Knights were driven out of holy lands. From this fateful event, on a Friday the 13th, the King of France saw an opening to capture and accuse the leaders of the Templar Knights in a scheme to get them to reveal the location of their immense wealth.

The leader refused and was burned at the stake.

It was during this chaotic time that other secret organizations were also in operation. One of the key ones from history was the Freemasons.

My new book builds a connection between the key events in history to weave a tale of intrige and love.

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