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How M-Theory Inspired Me to Write a SciFi Novel Series

During 2010, I was constantly traveling to the Washington DC area for work with the US. Navy in support for ship Combat Systems. While visiting a Navy base for my work, I observed the fiery change in the Fall leaves. This led to email my daughter and in a return email she suggested I take up writing as a bit of a hobby. This started my journey of writing science fiction.

Looking for a story line, I watched Brian Green talk about how the universe may have been started by two universes interacting causing the Big Bang. This M Theory discussion led to the background for my book series Watcher in the Fall, where a new universe is created with the same physical constants as our universe it begins to interact with our universe. The flood of massive energy forces advanced alien races to flee inward from the edge of our universe.

Being trained as a Physicist, it became a natural flow to look at the extremes of the physical possibilities and tie them into a Sconce Fiction storyline. In Physics there are four fundamental forces (that we know of) and work on M Theory is an effort to tie all the fundamental forces into a single “Theory of Everything”.

  • Gravity: The force that attracts any two objects that have mass or energy. Gravity is the weakest of the four forces, but it is the most dominant one at large scales such as planets, stars, and galaxies.

  • Electromagnetism: The force that acts between electrically charged particles. Electromagnetism is responsible for electric and magnetic fields, light, and all the phenomena of electricity and magnetism.

  • Weak nuclear force: The force that causes some types of radioactive decay, such as beta decay. Weak nuclear force is also involved in nuclear fusion, which powers the sun and other stars.

  • Strong nuclear force: The force that binds protons and neutrons together in atomic nuclei. Strong nuclear force is also responsible for holding quarks together to form protons and neutrons.

While pushing the extremes of science, it soon became apparent that SciFi writing is more about tying human nature and how people react in unique situations into a storyline with science (and Science Fiction) in the backdrop.

It was from this beginning that a book series "Watcher In The Fall" began. The first book "Connections", lays the foundation of the ongoing SciFi/Spy series as an ancient alien civilization on the edge of the universe taps into a special Wave pattern of the 11-dimensional universe to establish a communication with special beings who have the ability to receive this unique communications wave pattern.

After understanding how to write the first book, two more books have followed ( Conversions and Evolutions ). In addition, a set of short stories emerged from the basic story and have been published in a book "Tales From Our Universe's Edge"

The story continues as I am now working on the fourth book in the series call "Trans-Link" dealing with cross Multiverse connections and the discovery of a war across the Multiverse.

As we bid adieu, let me extend my heartfelt thanks for embarking on this electrifying journey from science-to-science fiction. Your presence and support light up the cosmos of my content. Don't forget to tap that like button and hitch a ride on the spaceship of my YouTube channel at for never-ending adventure at the intersection of History and Scifi.

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I'm all ears and super curious about your thoughts. Drop a line or two, and let's turn this channel into a space where we vibe History with Sci-fi for a new level of fiction, together.

I'm your trusty guide, Ron Townsen, navigating the galaxy of imagination.

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As we rocket onwards through the universe of historical and science fiction, remember: our imaginations are the jet fuel, and the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning. Thank you for being a stellar part of this cosmic caravan. Stay curious, be awesome, and let your imagination continue to soar beyond the stars!


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