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New Efforts Moving Forward

Work has progressed on my books with the release of the completed Historical Fiction set. The stories take you from when the Templar Knights find a great treasure in Jerusalem though filling in the back stories of two connected stories "National Treasures" and "Da Vinci Code". Along with my travels (such as the famous Devils Tower), I continue to develop new stories from my imagination.

Now we are setting up a weekly Podcast where we present a chapter of my books. In addition, work is progressing on the forth book in the "Watcher In The Fall" series; Trans-Link. Here is a little bit of the evolving complex stories:

“Captain, I can hear a ship coming north towards our location. The other ships coming south are beginning to ping their sonars.”

Egor sighed, “The wolves are setting up a line daring us to try and cross while driving us to the ship coming north.”

Looking at the map, Egor shook his head, East was the only opening in the closing trap.

Turning to his second, “Is the sound tracker ready? We have one shot at this.”

Nodding to the captain, “Yes Captain, it will do as you instructed.”

Looking at the map and the moving markers, Egor had to judge this right or get caught in their closing trap.

Taylor went to the radio room. “Sparks send a message to the German’s…Stay in quiet mode till we give you a signal.”

Sparks smiled, “Aye Captain.” Sparks had an idea what the captain was thinking.

Returning to the bridge, Taylor got on the ship broadcast channel. “We are about to corner our target. I want all stations to be prepared to react on a moments notice. Our target has civilians onboard and we must protect them, so only weapons to engage a missile launch and torpedoes are authorized at this time. That will be all.”

Turning to Bill, “Make sure the weapon’s officers understand my orders. We cannot make a mistake.”

With a nod, Bill turned and left the bridge.


The team on Mars had settled down after the broadcast to get their duties in order. Experiments needed to be setup, equipment to be prepared and deployed to the outside along with mountings to secure from the expected Martian storms. Word arrived that a special water storage tank would arrive soon.

Entering a special cabinet, the team found stakes provided for them to mark an area to position the tank. Two of the team dawned their space suits and headed outside to mark a location for the tank. When it arrived, mounting equipment would also arrive to connect it to their main housing along with mounts to secure it against the expected winds.

Once the markers activated, the team stood back and moments later a large tank along with extra equipment appeared within the marked area. Looking at each other, they just smiled and shook their heads.

Moving in, the two picked up the extra equipment and began to anchor the tank. The provided units allowed them to drive stakes deep into the Martian soil. The stakes drove through strap-down material that now anchored the tank. Picking up the flexible hose, the moved it to the housing unit and attached it. Mounts anchored along the hose path to protect it against the coming winds.

With their major work done, they turned on the water and watched as the hose was pressurized. Satisfied, they headed back inside.

They checked the internal connections and when all was ready, they could see the water pressure gauges activated and they now had a large water supply that would last the team as recycling was activated.

Unfortunately, the sensors could not capture the effect of small leak. It wasn’t much of a leak, just a drop of water every few minutes, but as they would find out, it was enough.


I continue to build content for my readers, be they ebooks, paperback books, audiobooks or our new Podcasts.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing back on what you like or want.

Thank you


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