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Unlocking the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: From Radiation to Matter and Beyond

Welcome to science-to-science fiction.

At a fundamental level, both radiation and matter have characteristics of particles and waves. The gradual recognition in the early 1900's by scientists that radiation has particle like properties and that matter has wavelike properties provided the impetus of the development of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics lays the foundation for understanding the world of particle physics, the physics of atoms and smaller particles that make up atoms. This revolutionary development set the basis for our modern society.

Quantum entanglement is the basis for quantum computing and a new generation of classified communications. Quantum entanglement presents a unique condition of action at a distance (if one of the particles changes, the entangled version changes exactly the same, instantly no matter the distance of separation – Event light years away).

In an idea that was devised by J John Wheeler called quantum foam, or spacetime foam. This is the theoretical quantum fluctuation of spacetime on a very small scale.

Due to quantum mechanics. The theory predicts that at these small scales, particles of matter and antimatter are constantly created and destroyed. These subatomic objects are called virtual particles.

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