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#9 Could our Winter truly be over – NOPE!

We had snow on Thursday and according to the weather predictions, perhaps another storm next week. But in between we get to have nicer weather. I actually went out for a walk in a T-shirt for a while today.

So what is new? We have the NOVA Film Festival coming up in a few weeks. I received a request for a number of my screen plays. I don’t want to jinx this by saying who and what it’s about, but it did have to do with responding to an InkTip, one of the three major channels I work through.

So I have multiple projects (2 books, 2 screen plays) underway. My job as a Chief Engineer is starting to spin up and overall I am getting very busy. As such, I am finding it best to figure out a writing focus and with a request to receive one of my unfinished screen plays (Warrior Gem), I am setting my other writing aside and focusing on this one screen play till I can finish it.

Next week I will be in Reston VA to chair the C4I Task Force (Command, Control, Computers and Communications) which deals with International Software Standards for Military and First Responders. It will be a busy week dealing with multiple new standards and discussions with multiple other Task Forces.

I know this is a short Blog, but all I have at that moment. Stay tuned and for writers, keep writing, for readers, enjoy the stories and tales of writers.

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