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#10 April brings NOVA Film Festival


It's about to be a very busy month for me. With the NOVA Film Festival coming the week of 13 April I will have a chance to let people know about my screen plays and hopefully they will check out my books as well.

But NOVA FF is the simple part. My full time effort as Chief Engineer on a new system is about to bring me to a full focus and travel will ramp up. My "free" weekends are about to be absorbed with system architecture, discussions with the customer, oversight of software teams and directing system engineering teams.

Never fear, while my sleep may suffer, I will continue working on my writing and continue to give you my best as I push forward with my many projects; both screen plays and books.

I have some interesting twists brewing for Watcher in the Fall: Trans-Link as I begin to open up more secrets of the Multiverse. I intend on building a second series of books based on Historical Fiction moving forward from Da Vinci Connections.

I continue to work on my unusal Christmas screen play "And The Angel Watched Over The Flock" and my woman based screen play "Warrior Gem".

So have a Great Easter/Passover and a Great April.

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