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#11 On the road again

I must have travel in my genes. For most of my profesional life, I seem to have been on the road. In my early years, it was taking a 180' "mud boat" to sea over weeks at a time for the Navy while running computers for exeriments or on a "White Boat", a name for a Navy research Vessile.

As the years progressed, my travel changed from riding boats (a few times I actually worked on Navy Ships and once on a Canadian Naval Ship) to flying. Flights around the world to a point where I have a perminate American Platinum travel position from flying over 2 Million Miles (I reached it in the early 2000's).

Now most of my travel is up and down the East coast, sometimes to Europe and the west coast. As a chair for the international standards Object Management Group, I travel around the United States and sometimes outside (Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Belgium) and other places.

As I am a few years from retirement, I am often asked what I plan to do when the time comes. I plan to travel around the U.S. by car and see the places I have flown over for so many years.

So why this blog? I don't know, perhaps because I am back on the road for another week. I don't have a home so much as a place to store my bags and do my laundry. But I am never really at home, I just have another hotel room and another meeting. Perhaps my writting gives me a chance to travel even more, the chance to make the ultimate trip, a trip across the universe, across time and across the lives of my characters.

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