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#12 Attended the 1st and Last NOVA Film Festival

The NOVA (Northern Virginia) Film Festival finished tonight. While I wasn't in town to see the films during the week, I was able to attended the Awards Closing where wining movies and screen plays were announced. I met a number of wining directors and did an interview discussing my screen plays.

Next year, the NOVA Film Festival turns into the NOVA Film and Music Festival as it grows into one of the premier Festivals on the East Coast. I will continue to provide submissions to the festival each year and if I am lucky, will have a film made and submitted for the festival.

While I didn't win with either of my two screen plays "Master Connections" and "Da Vinci Connections", it was a talanted and professional lot of compitition. I did pick up a few tips to may my offerings better. Talking with movie directors, I gained insight into what they are looking for and one indicated he expected to contact me as he begins a new project where he doesn't want to write the script.

Upwards and Forwards. New ideas and new energy as I try my best to bring you my best.

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