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#14 Early Summer?

Weather has warmed up fast. In Virginia, we went from highs of 50's to 80's in just two weeks...No, its not Global Warming, its just weather :) Take a book (maybe mine?), go somewhere and enjoy the outside.

Some recient happenings

1) I was contacted by Annie Douglass. She has a blog dealing with worlds of SciFi. She requested to do a blog on my book series and one of the worlds I have created. The blog is set for May 18th, 2015 and can be found at

2) Connected with Book Rhythm and joined their BookRhythm's May Flash MaDnEsS. You can find the link on my website's front page. I am offering two signed screen plays!

3) I have made my first book "Watcher in the Fall: Connections" FREE on Amazon starting today through May 13th. Download for free while you can. Enjoy the Action, the Adventure and find out about our Universe.

To all Mothers, Happy Mother's Day Every Day...Thank you for everything you do!

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