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Pre-Release of New Book "Da Vinci Connections"

This week I have set up for a preview of my latest book, a historical fiction about Leonardo da Vinci. You can read the first chapter and give feedback at (on the book page, you can click the image and it will take you to the preview website).

I have also setup on the ability to pre-order the book which I am planning for release in late August. At this time, the cover is under development and text will be gone through by a professional editor before release (my book process).

I hope you will take a moment and give me feedback on this new book. It is what I consider the first in a new series (no, I am not stoping the Watcher in the Fall series, just creating a new direction of fun). I hope you enjoy this new book as much as I have enjoyed developing it.

In other news, well over 200 copies of Watcher in the Fall: Connections were downloaded during our "Free" 5 day give-away on Amazon. I hope some of you that received the free book are joining on the website and find other exciting books and stories.

Don't forget to check out my interview from the NOVA Film Festival about my books and submitted screenplays (Yes, the screenplay and the book are very simular...additional information has been added too the book to resolve a number of threads of the story).

Stay tuned for new coming stories and events. I am close to figuring out how to provide signed copies of my books here on the website...cheaper than what they cost on Amazon. So stay tuned.

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