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Something Personal

Traveling again, my main job as a Lead Engineer means I cover International Standards development efforts (IEEE, OMG , ...). My work is taking me to Berlin for a week.

If you notice the Mickey Mouse on my shirt, I grew up in Southern California and visited Disney Land quite often, especially when my oldest daughter started working there (now married and her husband also works there). My youngest daughter is into painting and is professional tattoo artist in San Diego. My son is an IT professional and going to school to get his BS.

Like any dad, I am proud of my kids. They are good, caring people. To me that's most important. They are also hard working and while not rich they struggle to do their best and they grow by doing good work, not by climbing over people.

I'm a little tired today after giving platelets at the Red Cross. The needles aren't as bad as having to lay still for two hours. My elbow joints get sore. But people like hemophiliacs need platelets’ and they only are good for a week, so there is a large call for people to donate.

So if I work as an engineer full time, why write? I write to express my feelings, my wishes and sometimes my sorrows. I have spent my life working on new ideas, new concepts. I'm not the detail guy, I wrote code in the past and competed against computers to mold them into my desires. I was never much of a computer gamer, I saw that as a waste of time. I would rather conceive of an idea and making the computer give me what i conceived of as much more satisfying. I am now the Architect that designs systems to solve problems and provide instructions to my team of highly skilled professionals to work out the details.

Sci-Fi is a way to allow my mind to conceive of new ideas and play them out in the pages. I hope people enjoy reading these alternate reality ideas. The idea that we know everything about how the universe works is a crock. The deeper we dig, the more surprises that are found. If we are so brilliant, why do we only think we know about only 5% of base of the universe? We still are guessing at dark matter and dark energy. So while I base my guesses about the laws of the multiverse, the resulting alternate reality is as good as any of our current science allows and makes for a good mind game.

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