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Berlin Triggers Ideas

While in Berlin, I started thinking about a thread in my next Watcher In The Fall: Trans-Link book. The story thread revolves around a kidnapping. For this thread of the story, a chase will go from Berlin to Lugano/Chiasso to Como to Milan...Just by accident, the same route I took while in Europe (how lucky is that?).

So I will write a series of blogs about my trip and give you a view into possible places that will be found in the book. The above picture is from the Brandenburg Gate. A festival was getting set up just behind the gate at the entrance to the large forested park area.

Another interesting place is "Check Point Charlie", the U.S.A. Entry way into Berlin from East Berlin during the cold war. Now you can find presentations and a piece of the Berlin Wall. I always envisioned it as something that was feet thick, not so :( At "Check Point Charlie", you can have your passport stamped (for a fee of course).

Of course there are plenty of interesting places to go and EAT!!! Unlike the U.S., there are resturants everywhere. So some hints to the new traveler, coffee is served in a cup slightly larger than a thimble and only part need to ask for Amercian coffee if you want a large cup.

There are many tours around Berlin, walking, peddle cab, on-off bus's, to name a few. One thing to be aware of in Berlin, while the city has plenty of history, much of the older history was erased during WWII. A number of buildings were re-built, but the city is a mix and the Eastern sector is still undergoing construction.

Next week I will have some shots from around Lugano Switzerland and Chiasso where Nicky is found and his father is killed in book 1.

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