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"Da Vinci Connections" is coming soon!

Between the 1400's and 1500's, an extrodinary man arose in Italy -- Leonardo da Vinci. Rumor is he was born of person brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo. His art work along with his study of the human body, mechanical designs and defense systems made him a shining star of the period.

Much has been written and much more will be witten about this remarkable man.

My story is a historical fiction weaving ideas both fansiful and true about this great man. It can be though of as a "What If" story or a story where a decision was made and created a new universe.

My book is back from the editor and with a few clean-up details, will be ready for release by middle to late August. To celebrate this release, I am executing a book giveaway. For every 80 entries, one of my books (decided by you) will be given away. Entries are due by the 15th of August.

Those on my current email list will receive 1 (one) entry to the contest (you have been notified). Each new person sending me a CONTACT through the website will receive an entry. If you mention someone already registered, both you and the person indicated (provide email address in content) will receive entries (that means multiple entries for the referenced person and a higher change to win).

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