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It's Been a busy two weeks of travel

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been traveling across the U.S. over the past two weeks.

I started with a 10 day trip to San Diego. My son married a beautiful woman and it was a trip to attend the wedding and see family along with friends. The wedding was magnificant and the couple are truely made for each other.

My son came to me as a lost boy in the early 2000, he was desprite and knew that change was needed in his life. I took him in and started to give him the tools to change. There were many chalanges and the road was easy for either of us, but with time, he learned and became a good man. Upon meeting his now wife, his life finally found its footing.

My two daughters and my son are close and now I have not only have a great son-in-law, but a wonderful daughter-in-law to go with my two great daughters and my wonderful son. The family grows and the in-laws are adding to the joy.

As my travels to San Diego wrapped up, I traveled back to Virginia for an overnight stay. I immediately needed to leave on a trip to Huntsville, AL to attend a demonstration of software designed by my team for the Army. I also supported a number of meetings and laid groundwork for future work by my team.

I was exhasted but am catching my second wind. I continue on various projects (a production company has downloaded my screen play "Da Vinci Connections" and I hope something positive comes from this).

Fall has finally arrived in Virginia, the leaves are turning. Every year this remindes me of the event that kicked off my writing efforts. Watcher in the Fall a set of stories that always start in the Fall when the air is crisp and colors are beautiful.

Have a great Fall and enjoy the coming months!!

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