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About Valerie - From Watcher in the Fall Series

I hope you, your family and friends had the Merryies of Christmas's, or Happiest of Hanukkah's. I also wish you only the best for 2016.

Continuing in the trend of my last post, this week I am going to talk about the key character Valerie in the Watcher in the Fall series. Valerie presents a Non-Watcher but pivitol character.

Like Nicky, Valerie is a composit of people I know, people I have heard about, knowledge I have and all pulled togheter to for a character for the story. If you read my next blog, you will begin to understand why Valerie is one of my favorite characters.

In the begining, Valeie is a lost, bord rich girl that is looking for a direction in her life. Although she travels around the world helping to set up musical presentations for world leaders, there is no challenge. Her parents were well connected and rich. When they died, Valerie is left on her own and uses the family contacts and her training in music to create a life helping famous orchastras plan the correct music for the planned wealthy or politically positioned attendes.

Being close friends of the President and First Lady, when the secret team identifies a need for someone with a music background, history of speaking multiple languages and having a clean security background; Valerie is identified and recruted.

So who is Valerie? A little of my closest friend who is beautiful both inside and out. Someone who has lost a parent. Someone who loves kids and pets. Valerie is rich and a world traveler, but that was needed to help a young lost Nicky and to drive the story line.

So the love between the young Valerie and the older George is a main thread throughout the book series. Their formation of a family, the birth of the uniqe Watcher Tony only makes their life richer.

Valerie puts her stamp on the family's life with her embracing Georges's two daughters and their families; the creation of the successful music Symphonies of the Universe based on an Old One's language. Her work with team engineers to create a language translation for dolphins amongst other forms of communications.

Valerie presents the anchor for family, friends and teammates. Her work helping Jennie and Janet during times of difficulty makes the close knit team be a better team.

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