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A new idea...merging with an existing concept.

My life as a writer has primarily centered on my concept of the collision of our universe with a new born universe combined with connection to other universes. This all extends from discussions and writings based on M Theory, an extension of String Theory which was born from Quantum Theory.

A number of my writings are about beings that were impacted by either the connection across multiple dimensions (Watchers) or of those that have had to escape the intrusion of a new universe into our universe forcing civilizations to flee inward to escape the total destruction of their galaxies.

Over the past few months, events took me away from working on books and only left me time to update my screen play "Da Vinci Connections". During my hiatus, my mind continued to think about a number of different attempts I have made on other unsuccessful attempts at screen plays. The stories that have evolved began to colless into a concept.

I have established a concept that is extensive and provides a platform for extension, so extend I will.

I am thinking of blending the work that I have and create a parallel series that can be joined or perhaps live on its own. So standby, new results are coming.

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