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Our Universe, A tale of the discovery of adventure

Discovery is an adventure of the human spirit. Study of our universe lifts our dreams and drives us to understandings beyond our daily experiences. On going work in theories such as Quantum Theory to String Theory and its tie from the energy base of our universe through the studies of dark matter and its spread throughout our universe, tied to black holes and galaxy formation drives us like never before.

Some of our latest understanding relates to our own galaxy ( ) indicates that our galaxy has never joined with another galaxy. With Andromeda galaxy headed towards a collision and joining with our galaxy creating perhaps the first joining our galaxy has ever had in it billion year history will bring new discoveries.

Perhaps (assuming our race survives long enough), we will be joined by civilizations living in the Andromeda galaxy now (assuming they too survive). We are discovering new planets within our own galaxy that could support life on almost a monthly basis ( ) and although they are currently outside our communications reach, may be creating their own civilizations that we may someday be able to join.

My current work on a book called "Tales From Our Universe’s Edge" attempts to capture some of the excitement, adventure, tragedy, love and action that exists within our universe. My current series "Watcher in the Fall" brings forth a view of our universe (or maybe one of the many parallel universe's in our mult-verse) that begins to capture an image of what may be.

In the future as we begin to understand our many dimensions and how they work, we can travel across vast distances simply by translating our spacial coordinates and Trans-Swapping our dimensional coordinates. We may also be able to communicate across the universe through the use of the energy spread across on of the different dimensions. There are a massive new potential once we begin to understand what makes up the fundamental parts of the multi-verse as we discover more about string theory and some of its latest versions such as M-Theory.

Pushing the frontier of our understand will bring new discoveries and new possibilities. We have an infinite number of questions to answer moving forward so never think "we know everything"! We are just beginning our journey of discovery and you can join in and perhaps your discovery will add another stone to the building of our knowledge.

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