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Theories of Cosmology; our Ever Changing Understanding of our Universe

Where did our Universe come from?

Will it come to an end?

Do other Universes really exist?

How are universes created?

These are just some of the questions that science has been asking for a very long time. Some of our greatest minds have tried to tackle these questions. Minds such as Stephen Hawkings , Albert Einstein, Brian Greene give us views into the wonders of answering such questions.

But as been once said, "The only constant is change!" and like everything, Cosmology is constantly growing and changing in its concepts. As new discoveries take place, we evolve our theories and adjust our science to account for the new discoveries.

This is an exciting and ever changing and challenging field. New discoveries happen all the time and we find out more about our universe and other universe's with each discovery.

My writings are based on Science, but obviously are Fiction. But it takes imagination to come up with new theories and you may just be the one that gives science the next great theory of everything.

Join my imaginiation and perhaps it will give you a step into understanding our magnificient reality.

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