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I continue to add links to interesting articles about our universe...enjoy and keep your mind open.

From early in my series of Watcher in the Fall, I have expressed the concept that consciousness can move to other universes at death....this article expresses the same concept being linked to Quantum Theory which is the basis String Theory and its variants such as M theory.

NASA announced the discovery of planets around a star only 40 Light years away. There are indications that more than 1 of the planets may be able to support life. Perhaps some of the SciFi stories may become true about life outside our solar system.

There is growing expectation of finding life within our solar system. Perhaps not intelligent life, but life none-the-less. From Europa to Io and perhaps underground on Mars.

Physics has not found evidence supporting Ghosts. Of course there is other questions that need to be asked from my opinion, such as transfer of information across our multiple dimensions.

String Theory (which "Watcher in the Fall:" is based on), has had the problem of lack of ability to test. While many tests have been made on Quantum Theory which String Theory is derived from, ideas on how to test String Theory has been lacking. That has now changed, a possible test has been announced coming out of Towson University in Towson, Maryland.

Tracking is taking place on an unusual star which is headed out of our galaxy

There are a number of space mysteries unexplained

Stay tuned for more interesting links that relate to SciFi writings.

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