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Traveling the Universe while Traveling the Country

As a gift to myself for my birthday, I decided to take the train round trip from Washington D.C. to San Francisco, CA and returning after my International Standards Conference (OMG).

This trip gave me time to think about my latest book work (Trans-Link), the fourth in the Watcher in the Fall series. At the same time it gave me a chance to see the beautiful country from the ground as opposed to my normal travel by air.

While doing this trip in coach, the sights were amazing as we crossed the forests of Virginia, the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky and the towns going to Chicago on the Cardinal train. After a short change of trains in Chicago to the California Zephyr, the tracks took me through the wide open plains of the Mid-West, the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Then the travel dropped into Utah to Provo, Salt Lake City followed by a run to Reno Nevada. Leaving Reno, the train climbed the Serra Nevada mountains and then dropped into Sacramento, California before ending up in Emeryville, California with a bus ride across the Bay Bridge into downtown San Francisco.

Taking the train is so different from flying. You meet people and have time to talk about their lives, you see beautiful country side, you have time to relax.

In my latest book, George begins to feel sidelined as the family spreads out to their many life pursuits. Don't be surprised to read about George's train experience as he takes time to himself to explore this new point in his life.

With my daughter and son-in-law beginning to settle into their lives, I am hoping to get art work done that will allow me to surge forward with updating stories and new books.

As always, I thank my readers for their support and feedback.

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