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A step in my new Journey

I took some time this weekend to visit a friend in Virginia before I leave for my new adventure.

I have known Jay for almost 11 years since I moved to Virginia and took my job during this phase of my life. Jay left the company we worked for about 2012 to become a manage his winery full time. Since then it has grown from just a small winery in outside of Fairfax, VA to now be a winery and brewery.

Jay has grown the business from just a few part time people to now a large crew consisting of full time people and about 80 part time people.

The Quattro Goomba site serves a large selection of wine, beers along with a delicious pizza and other foods.

The property provides a great place to sit relax and enjoy an afternoon with friends.

Back a few years ago (before the brewery was formed), I spent Saturday's and Sundays at the winery selling my books and stories. I enjoyed meeting people and talking about my writings and just getting out of my condo.

Jay continues to plan on growth for Quattro Goomba. He is now planning for a distillery. This will go well with one of his original wines that he makes using used whiskey barrels (giving the wine a whiskey overtone).

If your ever in the Northern Virginia area and have a day to relax, visit the Quattro Goomba winery/brewery and tell Jay you heard of his places from his old friend who is a writer of SciFi/Historical Fiction books.

In one of my "Watcher in the Fall" books, I have a short side story about the main characters visiting the winery. Take my books with you, relax and read while enjoying their great location, food and drink.

Perhaps one day when I am back in the area, I will be at the winery relaxing and if you bring my books with you, I will be happy to sign them.

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