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New Events Coming Soon to Expand the Story Offerings

I have sent out for review my latest Historical Fiction book. Beta readers will be offering feedback to this new story. After receiving feedback from the Beta readers, I will make adjustments and start the effort for final editing. This new story answers some questions and leads to eventual new directions. After some thinking, I am changing the title, but not the base of the story.

I also am close to completing and releasing a Audio Book version of "Da Vinci Connections". It will be offered through Amazon initially, but as time moves forward, I will consider other sites. Having this first one done, I will be working towards a 2nd release (Tales from Our Universe's Edge).

Work also continues on book 4 of the "Watcher in the Fall" series. Expect a twist in the story as George's life takes a new path with the boys grown and connections have increased to alternate universes.

With these changes, I will be making changes to my web site. I am expecting to release additional Audio Books and my source for making Watcher Jewelry should be spinning up soon. She delivered a Watcher necklace in December which I gave to my granddaughter for Christmas.

With the "shutdown" of 2020, I have been looked inside but focused on my Combat Systems Architecture work for the Army. It has taken more time time than I wanted. With the start of 2021, I have decided to cut my hours and begin to focus more on other areas such as my writings.


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