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Writing on my new book "The Templars: End Times"

In my previous Historical Fiction book, I wrote about Leonardo da Vinci being head of the Freemason society and protecting a great treasure. In the story, the Freemasons battled both a faction of the Church of Rome and the newly growing Mafia from Sicily.

In developing the "Da Vinci Connections" story, I started thinking about the origins of missing treasure. There are hints of treasure being found by the Knights Templar while defending Jerusalem 100 years earlier. This was the beginning of my latest story "The Templar Freemason: The Vision Stone".

My latest book starts at the years just before the final fall and withdrawal of the Templar Knights who were defending the city of Jerusalem. They discover treasures long buried beneath the Temple Mount.

The new book ends where my first book begins and will take you through the years of the fall of the Order of the Knights Templar as they are hunted by the Church of Rome and the King of France. The story extends from Jerusalem through Greece to Italy and takes trips to Portugal and Scotland as the final knights search to protect the great treasure.

This has given me a chance to write while I work on my normal efforts to consult to the U.S. Army throughout the time of this COVID lockdown. I hope to have the book ready but early 2021 and will post the book through both Amazon and Barns & Noble.

Also watch for audiobooks being published. I have engaged a person to help produce the "Da Vinci Connections" into an audiobook and am also working on by book "Tales from our Universe's Edge" in audiobook format.

I hope you enjoy my stories and thank you for following me through my writings.


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